01 Aug, 2019

Salesforce completes $15.7B acquisition of Tableau Software, creating new enterprise tech force

01 Aug, 2019
Business Insider

New forces in enterprise tech are triggering a wave of mega-deals and Salesforce’s $15 billion Tableau acquisition was just the start

31 Jul, 2019
Puget Sound Business Journal

Meet the specialist in charge of getting Tableau’s 2,100 local employees to work

29 Jul, 2019

Think Like A Startup When Launching Your Analytics Program

24 Jul, 2019
Data IQ

Don’t let data clichés hold back progress

23 Jul, 2019
Health Data Management

What pop health needs to learn from consumer marketing

17 Jul, 2019

Australia’s government services reset invites a data rethink

17 Jul, 2019
Information Age UK

Apollo 11’s first moon landing technology, star charts and the NASA coders

08 Jul, 2019
Information Age UK

What Blockbusters, country music & gameshows can teach us about enterprise data analytics

05 Jul, 2019
Computer Business Review Online

To Cultivate A Data Culture, Let’s Look to Anthropology

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