R is Here!

After much anticipation and fanfare, Tableau 8.1 has been released with the ability to integrate with the popular R statistics package. We’ve gotten fantastic feedback from many of our customers who have been waiting for this feature, but we wanted to make sure that those who are new to R can get an idea of what all the hype is about. For those who aren’t familiar with R, we’ve published a beginners FAQ that will help you get your bearings and get started with R. You can download the whitepaper here. In it you will find explanations of what R is, how Tableau integrates with R, and lots of helpful links and resources to learn the capabilities of R on your own (there is a wealth of resources out there!).

With the R integration, there are many more sophisticated functions and calculations you can run and leverage within your Tableau visualizations. Newbies trying to get started with R should know that there is a large community out there who use and love R, and who are ready to bring more members into the fold. Don’t be shy in reaching out to that community.
R Integration
In addition to the whitepaper, you can also check out the following supporting materials:

You asked, we delivered! Long live data!

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