Best of the Tableau Web: New product, new authors, and new community content

In March’s BOTW, I welcomed the new Zen Masters. This month, there’s even more to celebrate! Tableau Prep was released in April and I’ve been delighted that people are already sharing their Tableau Prep discoveries and learnings with the community.

We’ve seen incredibly useful blog posts from Tableau partners (thank you Interworks, Information Lab and Senturus). And some highlights from the community include Joshua Milligan’s explanation on how to unpivot data in Tableau Prep, Ben Moss’ tips for appending data, and Phillip Lowe’s overview on data scaffolding using Tableau Prep.

Tableau Prep is a new extension to the Tableau platform, so keep all your ideas flowing, be they about Tableau Prep, Desktop, or Server—or even about how Tableau influences your thinking. Right now, every person on the planet is a Tableau Prep newbie: we will all benefit from your tips and tricks, however big or small. Write blogs, record videos, share flows—we want to see what you’re learning!

Finally, in the spirit of community, I’d like to welcome Lindsay Betzendahl to the blog scene (Viz Zen Data). She went from considering starting a data viz blog (pondering the idea over Twitter) to creating one in just a day. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, check out all the advice from the Tableau community on the Twitter thread.

And’s our community roundup for the month of April.

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