How the Tableau Partner Network helps customers drive data transformation and create strong Data Cultures

We want your data transformations to be successful. So do our partners. That’s why we created the Tableau Partner Network (TPN)—to pair customers like you with a global network of partners focused on helping you solve your toughest data analytics challenges. 

With the most recent updates to the Tableau Partner Network, you can search our global partner ecosystem by partner type (reseller, services, and technology), performance level (premier, select, and member), and geography. These updates make it easier for you to find and confidently work with the right Tableau partner and get insights, faster. 

We want to share a collection of partner stories to give you a feel for how Tableau Partners help customers see and understand data, accelerate digital transformation, and create strong Data Cultures. Let’s explore this diverse group of partners across the globe, spanning multiple tracks and levels within the Tableau Partner Network.

Tableau Premier Reseller & Member Services Partner, InterWorks, helps Paigo adopt self-service analytics

Our Reseller Partners identify customer needs, support implementation, and accelerate adoption to get customers up and running with Tableau quickly. Similarly, TPN Services Partners optimize customers’ Tableau investment through implementation, change management, and other value-add services to help ensure data transformation initiatives are successful.

InterWorks, a Tableau Premier Reseller and Member Services Partner, helped Paigo, one of Germany’s leading debt-collection businesses, advance its digital transformation through secure, accurate self-service analytics. 

Two examples of Paigo’s self-service Tableau dashboards, featuring line graphs, bar charts, category groupings, and more
With the help of TPN partner, InterWorks, Paigo and its customers see and understand their data using Tableau visual data dashboards and self-service analytics.

With the help of InterWorks, Paigo seamlessly integrated Tableau analytics into a single platform for a better end-user data experience. Paigo was able to develop its own internal Data Culture and, in turn, advance its clients’ digital transformations through the activation of self-service analytics. Thanks to Tableau and InterWorks, both Paigo and its clients have access to accurate data in a secure and timely manner.

Our original adoption of Tableau was driven by the desire to extend our external analytics services and offerings. However, after seeing the positive impact it was having on clients, we quickly realised how beneficial it would be internally … now all of our own analytics systems are based in Tableau as well.

Check out the complete Paigo, InterWorks, and Tableau case study. Learn more about Tableau solutions from InterWorks

Tableau Select Reseller Partner, Montage Professional Services, builds Data Culture in this Kiwi municipality

Montage Professional Services helps New Zealand companies implement and maintain successful business intelligence solutions. The Tableau Select Reseller Partner works with Tableau customers to identify needs, support implementation, and accelerate adoption. 

Montage helped the New Zealand Electricity Authority adopt a thriving Data Culture by improving access to analytics, such as market trends and policy impacts. Montage guided the municipality through its Tableau deployment, running internal trainings and creating user groups focused on highlighting best practices.

New Zealand Electricity Authority dashboard, map view illustrating energy injection and offtake by region (South and North Island) and percent renewable in 2020
 A New Zealand Electricity Authority dashboard in Tableau, illustrating energy injection and offtake by region in 2020. 

We were able to bring a number of data points into Tableau so we could closely monitor the situation and step in any time we started to see excess disconnections or any financial impacts on suppliers … We aim for minimal intervention, and we can better achieve that by making decisions based on data.

Check out the complete Montage Professional Services, New Zealand Electric Authority, and Tableau case study. Learn more about Tableau solutions from Montage.

Tableau Select Technology Partner, Informatica, helps AmeriPride empower business users with data

TPN technology partners guide your analytics and infrastructure investments. They provide technology solutions that complement Tableau to augment and extend the platform, bringing together all the data that matters for you and your organization.

One such partner is Informatica, a TPN Select Technology Partner. The enterprise cloud data management company helped Tableau customer AmeriPride empower business users with data—ultimately driving profit and company growth. AmeriPride built a thriving Data Culture, with help from Informatica, by democratizing data for all, while ensuring secure data governance. As a result, the uniform rental and linen supply company is transforming how it uses data to increase efficiency, cut costs, and better understand its customers. 

Sample Tableau dashboard illustrating actual versus planned cost in a cost ratio report.
Alt text: Tableau dashboard Cost Ratio Report showing actual cost vs planned cost.
  • Improved governance empowers self-service analytics at scale: A strong Data Culture across the organization—at AmeriPride, from finance and supply chain to transportation—demands secure, thoughtful data governance. Informatica helped AmeriPride establish a data governance board to collaborate with business units on data relevance and quality. The board enforces data standards and adjusts data definitions, access, roles, and more as they shift over time.
  • Information stack overhaul prioritizes self-service analytics for business users: AmeriPride adopted Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server and rebuilt its information stack to include HP Vertica and Informatica. Here, too, the importance of self-service analytics was paramount. Empowering business users with data has already paid off: They dug deep into the data and quickly identified the company’s most profitable customers—driving business growth. 

Check out the complete AmeriPride, Informatica, and Tableau case study. Learn more about Tableau solutions from Informatica

The business is taking Tableau and doing the things that only they can do, which is making more money and bringing us closer to our customers.

Learn more about the Tableau Partner Network. Browse the Partner Finder for a full list of Tableau Partners dedicated to helping you successfully solve your data challenges.


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