DataFam Tweets: TC21 flashback

Missing Tableau Conference? Us too. Check out these inspirational DataFam tweets and relive all the magic of Tableau Conference. You can catch the top TC21 episodes on-demand for free — anytime, anywhere.

Tableau Community members weigh in on different ways to engage with the DataFam:
Tableau Ambassador and Tableau Conference Speaker Priya Padham’s episode inspires a new community member to join Twitter. Welcome to the DataFam, Adam!:
Another DataFam newbie, connecting with Tableau community members in Australia (and around the world):
Tableau Social Ambassador reflects on TC21:
Turning ideas into action after TC21:
Congrats to Iron Viz 2021 Champion, Lisa Trescott!:
More on entering Iron Viz, how Iron Quest can help you, and more:
DataFam crashes WorkoutWednesday site:
The community’s top session recommendations:
First TC with Tableau CRM ambassadors:
The community got together during TC, virtually and in-person:
Congrats to all the 2021 Vizzie winners:
Tableau Public Viz Gallery featured visualization becomes wall art:
3 generations tuning into TC21:
This tweet ❤️ :


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