Bringing the future of cloud analytics to Asia Pacific with our new regions for Tableau Online

Data, indisputably, is an organization’s greatest asset. Organizations have long preferred to keep this asset close by, storing, sharing and consuming data onsite. As businesses embark on their digital transformation journeys, they have begun to embrace hybrid environments that blend cloud and on-premises solutions. And more customers are telling us that they want solutions that can allow them to connect to data stored anywhere.

Then the global pandemic hit and dramatically changed the way we live and work. In the process, the value of data has again been brought to the forefront. Businesses have had to quickly access data to inform critical decisions, including managing their employees’ health and safety, and responding to their customers and community. At the same time, all organizations must prepare for a new, post-pandemic reality. How, where, and the speed at which we work will look very different from the way that it used to.

The need for access and flexibility means that cloud-based data solutions are more important than ever. Businesses must turn to the cloud to allow their employees to access data remotely, and quickly scale analytics to drive value in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We already see that the demand for cloud serviceswhich had already been increasing prior to the pandemicis accelerating. Even with experts forecasting a reduction in IT spending in the region, investments in cloud services are slated to be an exception.

Tableau has always been committed to the future of cloud analytics, and Tableau Online, our analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud, has been our fastest growing business segment. Within our large base of Tableau Online customers, there has been a growing demand for local regions, and now we’re pleased to announce the launch of our two new regions in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) for Tableau Online. Located in Tokyo, Japan, and Sydney, Australia, these are Tableau’s first regions in APJ, and fifth regions worldwide (including those in the United States and Europe).

The strategic placement of these regions will provide new and existing Tableau Online customers in APJ with enhanced performance and new choices in data locality. With reduced distance between their data and analytics service, they can enjoy benefits like reduced latency, shorter load times and faster extract refreshes. They will also have the flexibility to connect to the most popular cloud databases and applications, like Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query. In line with our commitment to strengthen data protection, the regions will make it easier for customers to comply with regional data residency regulations.

With the introduction of these new regions, more businesses will be empowered to take the leap and migrate their analytics to the cloud. As businesses navigate the challenges of the new normal, it’s imperative that they continue to focus on high value-driving projects focused on their customers and leave the data infrastructure to the experts. Diverse organizations like Kirin, Hudson Talent Management, Macromill, and AirTasker are already leveraging Tableau Online to access crucial data that translate into actionable insights, and drive growth for the business. Cloud analytics is the next driver for business transformation, and organizations need to quickly capitalize on this for long-term success.

The regions are now available to both new and existing Tableau Online customers, who have the option to migrate their data to where they need it the most. We have put in place comprehensive customer support to ensure a smooth migration process and developed resources like our Content Migration Tool to provide additional support.

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