Specialized learning at TC19 for government, financial services, healthcare, and more

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Across dozens of fields like financial services, education, government, healthcare, among others, it's likely that your company asks you to be relatively specialized in your role. Since workplaces are traditionally siloed, a few commonalities—and avenues for closer collaboration—across departments are shared processes and resources like software. Regardless of whether you're an analyst, marketing manager, accountant, salesperson, or in another role, learning and improving your proficiency with shared software like Tableau can be make or break for successful partnerships with peers in your own company. It can also be the linchpin to your personal success.

Staying current with industry trends, learning useful skills, and being on top of your game no matter what field you work in, are factors to being professionally successful. We consider these individual and organizational factors when we develop Tableau learning materials, hands-on trainings, workshops, and content for our annual customer conference, Tableau Conference (TC). We've made your success a priority and focused on better serving Tableau users in the public sector, healthcare, retail, and other industries and lines of business at TC19. We have sessions, meetups, and other events just for you.

This post is organized by industry, or "Category" label for the TC19 Session Catalog, so jump to the section labeled with the field in which you work to discover sessions most relevant to you—and hear directly from your peers.

We've reached out to Tableau Community members across different industries and roles to find out how attending Tableau Conference (TC) is valuable, educational, and inspiring to them. These industry peers share their aha moments, major takeaways, special connections, and solutions learned at Tableau Conference. You can also attend and discover innovative solutions to apply at your own organization—which is one of many compelling reasons you can use to help you make the case to attend TC19 from November 12 – 15, 2019. Take the industry-relevant sessions and advice found here and add it to the justification letter we've created for you to make the case for attending with your manager.

Public Sector

Are you working in the public sector, whether in the municipal, state, or federal government—or working for a contracted government agency? We understand that the work that you do is complex, highly-regulated, and specialized. Given this, we've curated your TC19 sessions with data experts who know the unique data challenges you experience. Hear from other Tableau customers who are also in this field, partners, and Tableau employees. You can find the full selection by going to the TC19 Session Catalog and selecting "Public Sector" as the Category in the left menu. Here are a few, of many, sessions, focused on the public sector:

  • Fannie Mae: Driving Analytics Deep into our Business
  • U.S. Census Bureau: The Data That Powers Our Democracy, Can Also Power Your Visualization
  • State of Indiana: How Tableau Prep Saved Our End-user Experience
  • Lake County Health Dept: Tableau Prep Builder and Conductor at Enterprise Scale
  • USAID Global Health: The Implementation of a Data Revolution

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At TC19, education leaders—from K-12 to higher ed—share the knowledge and best practices they use to drive student success, grow enrollment, and increase operational efficiency. Attend these sessions, among other excellent options, to hear how top institutions are using Tableau to identify risk and success factors, engage alumni, and fulfill their educational missions.

Higher Education

  • Texas State University: Tips and Tricks for Tracking People Over Time with Tableau Prep Builder
  • University of Michigan: Holistic Reporting of a University, a $10 billion Business, and a Small City
  • Baylor College: Visualizing Brighter Outcomes for Children with Critical Illness


  • New Hanover Township School: Using Small Data to Drive Large Decisions in Education
  • CustomTech Software: An Embedded Tableau Solution for Data-Challenged K-12 Data Consumers

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Regardless of whether you're working in the healthcare industry at a network provider or payer, you care about improving clinical and patient outcomes and operational efficiency. You use Tableau to manage the massive amount of data around revenue cycles and patient and caregiver satisfaction in order to consistently deliver quality care.

With these considerations, we've focused on including over a dozen TC19 sessions specific to the healthcare industry. You can find the full selection by going to the TC19 Session Catalog and selecting "Healthcare" as the Category in the left menu. Here are a few, healthcare-related breakouts from the list:

  • City of Hope: Using Tableau to Improve Data Utilization and Make Data-Driven Decisions in a Cohort Study
  • Humana: How We Created a Silver Bullet Dashboard and Improved Compliance and Efficiency
  • Stanford Health Care: Advancing Patient Experience with Tableau
  • UnitedHealth Group: Delivering Statistical Controls and Performance Insights at Scale

Nicole Lohr, Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics and Healthcare Tableau User Group Leader, shares her thoughts on why you should attend TC:

Nicole Lohr, Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Evangelical Community Hospital, shared her aha moments from Tableau Conference, learnings she's been able to apply at her workplace, how attending TC has helped her be personally successful, and more. The repeat attendee, and Healthcare Tableau User Group Leader told us that her very first year, she attended a lot of the hands-on training sessions, which "were invaluable in helping me understand and further develop my Tableau skills. These sessions gave me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone and learn the more complex calculations that enhanced my dashboard development over time." If you are considering attending for the first time this year, look in to hands-on training and the chance to become Tableau-certified in person.

After an educational and auspicious start for Nicole, it was no surprise that she would continue to discover at least a few best practices and inspiring ideas to apply at Evangelical Community Hospital: "After seeing a presentation on a real-time ED Dashboard, I knew that something similar would benefit our organization. Shortly after the conference, I developed my first real time census dashboard that tracked our census on an hourly basis for all the units. End users loved it so much I also created a nurse bed management dashboard that is real-time for nurses to evaluate patient flow and staffing needs."

Besides receiving relevant and practical information from other Tableau customers, partners, and Tableau employees presenting at conference, connecting with other members of the data community and industry peers in person are a unique part of attending conference. Nicole shared that the "ability to interact with people who are doing similar work to you is a great way to learn from each other. I have met many people who I consider friends now through the Tableau community meet ups during TC conference and Twitter. We run ideas by each other, talk about industry practices, etc. It’s been wonderful to network with everyone."

IT and Product Manager

IT and technical professionals working in development and product management are the gatekeepers to success with Tableau. Beyond the plethora of sessions dedicated to improving analytics proficiency, data management, and we have a few TC19 sessions specific to the IT. To view the selection of sessions, go to the TC19 Session Catalog and select "IT and Product Manager" as the Category in the left menu.

  • Ali Cloud Platform: Another Great Choice for Tableau Deployment on Cloud
  • Distributed Server Installations (Requires advance registration and additional fee.)

Hear from Jeff Strauss, Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Conversant Media and Tableau Ambassador, about how he finds TC to be valuable:

We spoke with Tableau Ambassador and veteran in the IT space, Jeff Strauss, Director of Business Intelligence Platforms, about why he continues to return to Tableau Conference. TC19 will be his 7th time attending! Although he is primarily an IT engineer, he told us that he also needs to be an analyst. At Conversant Media, "we internally crunch data related to IT budget, servers, portfolios, projects, etc. and TC is the premiere location to refresh skills that I may have easily forgotten while wearing my engineering hat!"

When Jeff is onsite at conference, he has the chance to hear firsthand details about planned innovation in the Tableau product roadmap in keynotes on stage and in sessions with Tableau developers and product managers. With this knowledge, Jeff is able to plan for the future at Conversant Media. He said that "TC is the focal point to pick up on plans on where Tableau is headed for the following year. This helps develop our own internal roadmap of timing and/or features to roll out (e.g. Ask Data, Parameter actions), architecture changes (e.g. TSM, Hyper) and integration opportunities (e.g. extensions)."

But it's not only about the learning opportunities and practical lessons at TC. As a Tableau Ambassador and passionate, helpful data leader, TC is also about connecting in person with other community members. He told us, "I’ve formed many great friendships by way of the Tableau community. There’s a sense of vibrancy and togetherness knowing that you are not alone and that many are faced with the same challenges. And TC is the place to work through many of these challenges by way of gaining perspective, having working sessions with product engineers, meeting with Zen Masters, and listening to others. One of the awe-inspiring sessions at TC18—that my friend dragged me to on the last day—was called 'Fanalytics.' And boy was I glad I went, as it left me with a glow of inspiration for the future years to come."

Financial Services

In the financial services industry, you're tasked with developing competitive advantages and creating new opportunities. The responsibility to drive innovation means that you need to proactively identify ways to manage risk, improve operational efficiencies, proactively managing risk and ensure compliance. We considered these needs when we curated the list of financial services session, which can view by going to the TC19 Session Catalog and selecting "Financial Services" as the Category in the left menu. Here are a few you may want to check out:

  • Charles Schwab: Tableau for Corporate Risk Management and how we run our Tableau User Group
  • Capital One: Speedy Server Deployment on AWS
  • BofA Merrill Lynch: Creating Efficiency AND Driving Revenue with Tableau
  • JPMorgan Chase: Implementing our Tableau Blueprint Skill Belt Program
  • USAA: Breaking the Request Cycle to get from Full Service to Self Service


The finance line of business has similarly stringent compliance regulations, but also its own unique demands. As a finance professional, you're responsible for trusted and secure data sources. You're focused on managing your business's fiscal health, accurate budgeting and forecasting, among many other responsibilities. Given these concerns, we have TC19 sessions specific to finance. You can find the full selection by going to the TC19 Session Catalog and selecting "Finance" as the Category in the left menu.

  • PayScale: Bridging the Gap by Facilitating Data-Based Discussions about Pay Equity
  • Become a Building Block Master: Financial Data Prep
  • HRSA: Data Analytics for Enhanced Financial Management and Internal Controls


We've focused on including over a dozen TC19 sessions specific to the retail industry. As a member of the retail industry, ou can find the full selection by going to the TC19 Session Catalog and selecting "Retail" as the Category in the left menu. View these customer sessions in the retail space to inspire you:

  • Whole Foods Market: How We Engaged 10,000 People to Effect a Transformation
  • YETI Coolers: A Field Guide to Analytics
  • Grupo Pão de Açucar: Using Data to Become the Epitome of Green Retail in Brazil

What Karen Hinson, Senior Lead Analyst at Chick-fil-A and Atlanta Tableau User Group Leader, has to say about the benefits of attending TC:

We had the chance to speak with Karen Hinson, Senior Lead Analyst at Chick-fil-A and Atlanta Tableau User Group Leader, about her TC takeaways, aha moments, advice for new attendees, and more. Karen suggests that newbies "Invest time upfront planning out the week. Focus on developing a particular skill and try to tailor your schedule to attend as many applicable sessions as possible, however, set aside ample time for networking and/or making connections! Have fun!"

As a data expert, you might think Karen has nothing left to learn, but even she takes advantage of learning opportunities at conference. Her biggest takeaway from TC last year, was the "courage to publish and share work publicly with others." She was "encouraged and energized after attending Zen Master Mike Cisneros’s TC18 session 'You Are An Artist'." While Karen is a repeat TC attendee, she also actively leads meetups at TC for retail professionals. Last year, Karen led a panel discussion at during the Retail Tableau User Group meeting. Attending this retail user group meeting, or any other meetups, in person will allow you to network and learn from others in your industry.

In addition to the personal learning and retail leadership, Karen cares about community. Here's what she had to say about connecting with this special group at TC. "There’s something so unique and special about the Tableau Community. I can’t think of many products—much less, software programs—people have such a zeal for using. And it’s so rare to attend a conference where attendees have such passion for what they’re doing (making sense of data). This will be my fifth conference. I’ve always gone with coworkers, for work, but it has never felt like work."


As a marketing professional, you are likely working diverse marketing technologies, trying to find insights from messy and disparate data, and proving ROI to your leaders. If you're attending TC19, check out marketing-related sessions in the TC19 Session Catalog by selecting "Marketing" as the Category in the left menu. Some helpful marketing sessions to attend:

  • GoDaddy: GoData Web Analytics Lessons Learned
  • FICO: Joining Forces with Tableau to Help Marketers Understand their Customers and Optimize Engagement
  • (Sales and Marketing) Smarketing: A Sales and Marketing Love Story


If you're working in a sales or sales operations department, you'll find relevant TC19 sessions to your work in the Session Catalog and selecting "Sales" as the Category in the left menu. Here are some sales-related sessions:

  • LinkedIn: How Tableau helped us drive business outcomes at scale
  • Comcast: Measuring and Visualizing Sales Excellence
  • HotelTonight: How to get Stakeholders in Bed with your Data

Whatever field or industry you work in, we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to quickly ramp up your analytics skills and learn from industry peers at TC19. Get your Tableau Conference ticket now to join the largest data community in Las Vegas, November 12-15.

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