Whether you're new to Tableau or have reached Zen Master status, you've probably noticed that you have the ability to create, explore, and analyze your data in nearly infinite ways. To make the most of your data, you need to learn about the flexibility and power at your fingertips by growing your own data skills.

What we've heard from Tableau Conference (TC) attendees—whether they've attended one time or ten times—is that going to TC jumpstarts their data skills faster than they ever thought possible. With the hundreds of hours of learning potential all in one place, customers tell us that attending conference is an immersive experience that not only helps them quickly get answers to their burning questions, but it also re-energizes them to tackle big challenges when they return to the office.

If you've never heard of TC, you might be wondering, "What is Tableau Conference?" Tableau Conference is the largest and most impactful analytics conference, gathering 20,000 members of the data community to interact, present, discuss, engage, share, question, and learn from each other. The must-attend event of the year is happening November 12-15, 2019 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

We held a webinar to give you a first look at Tableau Conference 2019 sessions, trainings, and all of the ways you can make strong data skills your new superpower. We showed you how to use the TC19 session catalog, walking you through methods to find the sessions most relevant for your skill level, role, and industry, including what's new to conference this year and opportunities to build a network of fellow data lovers. To preview the sessions for TC19, watch the webinar on-demand and receive guidance on making your time at conference the most impactful and educational it can possibly be—regardless of whether you're a conference newbie or seasoned veteran.

All the learning you can handle—and then some

The TC19 session catalog is now live and it is your number one resource for discovering which sessions you'll want to attend. Want to boost your analytics proficiency in a few hours? We suggest you look into reserving a space during a hands-on training. There are levels for Tableau novices as well as trainings for more advanced folks. Are you in need of one-on-one assistance to tackle a complicated issue? You might want to book a Tableau Doctor appointment. Looking to find your peers in IT, healthcare, financial services, public sector, education—or whichever field you're in, to hear what they're doing to mature the data culture at their organization? Or maybe you want to hear from your what their best practices are for improving adoption of their Tableau dashboards? You can check out the variety of breakout sessions and in-person meetups available at TC19 sorted by job function, topic, and interest.

Hear innovative solutions to analytics challenges from sessions led by other Tableau customers, like Airbnb, T-Mobile, Whole Foods Market, Verizon, the United States Census Bureau, among many others, to bring back to your organization. We review these sessions, among the numerous other learning opportunities in the webinar, which can help you justify your attendance with your manager.

You + Tableau Community + TC19 = Inspiration Station

Besides the nearly-infinite chances to learn about advanced analytics, data management, and everything in between, part of the magic of conference is participating in the experience with 20,000 of your best data friends and being inspired by each other. By attending TC19, you can geek out on parameter actions, the artificial intelligence powering Explain Data (now in beta), among other data details, over lunch, in hallways, and at Braindates. You can be one of the first people to hear special announcements happening during keynotes and you can be one of thousands in the hall cheering on finalists for the ultimate data showdown, Iron Viz 2019. Sharing these exciting experiences at TC helps you forge lasting relationships with other data lovers, making your time outside of sessions just as educational and motivational as your time in them. Besides, at the end of conference, you and your data family can end four, jam-packed days of nonstop learning with the biggest data celebration you've ever seen: Data Night Out. Join this thriving community you can lean on throughout the year and don’t miss your final chance to party with your data people, for less. If you register for Tableau Conference by August 16, you'll save $200.

If have questions about how TC19 will make your data skills your superpower or want to know how conference gives you the inspiration you crave, watch the on-demand webinar, "Get a first look at Tableau Conference sessions."

Get your Tableau Conference ticket now to join the largest data community in Las Vegas, November 12-15.

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