With less than 100 days until Tableau Conference (TC19), there isn't much time left to take advantage of investing in yourself—to learn more than you thought you could possibly learn, to hear from and collaborate with data experts, and to cultivate your data community.

Tableau Conference gathers 20,000 members of the best and brightest members of the Tableau Community—which includes you—in iconic Las Vegas from November 12-15, 2019. Over four, inspirational, high-energy days of sessions, keynotes, meetups, breakouts, trainings, social events, and more, you have unparalleled learning opportunities to stretch and sharpen your own data skills.

Don't believe us? We sat down with data experts and conference attendees, Tableau Zen Master, Simon Beaumont, and Christina Gorga, to discuss the 10 best reasons for going to Tableau Conference in a webinar. If you missed the webinar, it's not too late to watch and hear from them directly about how you will leave TC19 more inspired, motivated, and connected—which bring Simon back to conference again and again.

Before we dive into the list, we want to remind you that your last chance to save $200 ends August 16 so save your seat today.

1. Build and sharpen your data skills

The #1 reason people come to TC is to learn to do more with their data. We’ve refreshed our session themes to focus on delivering the tools you want to take home with you, including some themes like Dashboards and Design, Data Management, Embedded Analytics, Tableau at Scale, among others. There is something for everyone with our new formats which support diverse learning styles.

With a variety of formats ranging from lecture-style sessions and hands-on trainings to collaborative events and topical meetups, there is something for all skill levels and learning styles.

The TC19 session catalog is live, so explore sessions by level, theme, topic, professional category or field, or by the role that most closely aligns to the work you do.

2. Gain key insights about industry trends and innovations

This is where people come to ramp up their analytics proficiency and speed up becoming a data expert. Whether it’s storytelling with data, data literacy as a skill for the 21st century worker, or any number of topics lighting up the business intelligence space, come to TC19 to hear what trends thought leaders and your industry peers are excited about.

Outside of the hundreds of hours of sessions, hear from thought leaders taking the stage in keynotes to address topics from critical thinking, statistics, and more.

Past speakers include Bill Nye, Talithia Williams, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Adam Grant, and Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame, and one of my favorite speakers from last year, Giorgia Lupi, who is best known for her work in humanizing data through the Dear Data project now in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

3. Grow your career

You’re taking time away from work and your families to invest in yourself and take your data skills to the next level. Data skills are in high demand and Tableau Conference is the only place to get certified in-person. Earn a certificate of achievement to bring home and display at your desk. This is available as a daily add-on this year.

With onsite certification, we're featuring the Desktop Specialist exam which demonstrates your knowledge and application of the fundamentals of Tableau Desktop. Large numbers of people are looking to become Tableau-certified—the announcement at last year's TC nearly causing a stampede—so sign up early.

Take what you learn here and immediately apply it back at the office and add even more value to your organization. You'll have new Tableau tips and tricks to solve problems faster than ever, be more efficient, and help your team be more efficient as well.

4. Connect with other data enthusiasts

Tableau Conference is the place to connect with data people just like you. Find people who you can geek out with on all things data-related. This community is diverse, inclusive, and passionate about helping others. Come as you are and connect with others to discover inventive solutions to common challenges together.

The hugely popular Braindates is coming back to TC19. Braindates are facilitated networking events where you choose the topics you’re interested in discussing with other data lovers. It was one of the top-rated experiences last year—which doesn't surprise me because Tableau customers are extraordinary and when you get together, amazing things happen.

There are more ways to find and connect with people at the Welcome Reception where you can find others from your field or just have fun and make new friends for the week ahead. (Drinks and snacks will be provided.)

5. Collaborative learning with Tableau community leaders

Speaking of connection and community, there is the Tableau Community and its leaders. Made up of Tableau Ambassadors, Zen Masters, User Group leaders, and others from all over the world, these community leaders are data lovers who inspire other members, including us at Tableau, to look at data with fresh eyes. These rockstars love to share what they learn and they’re great at it too.

At TC19, there are community-led learning opportunities that make learning fun and interactive. Some examples of these interactive sessions include:

  • Makeover Monday: Explore different perspectives and approaches to create more effective visualizations
  • Workout Wednesday: Challenges designed to test your knowledge of Tableau and help you kickstart your personal development
  • Sports Viz Sunday: Sports Viz Sunday is an initiative to encourage the creation and sharing of sports-themed visualizations

6. Free expert advice from Tableau pros

The best dashboards and analytics insights lead to more questions and data exploration, so we strive to offer countless ways to consult with and get advice from the experts onsite so that you can ask additional questions in-person.

A special feature of TC is Tableau Doctor. Sit down with your data sets and dashboards with Tableau tech support, sales consultants, product consultants, and engineers to troubleshoot and cure your data ailments. Last year, we had over 2,000 appointments onsite and most challenges were solved right there in that appointment.

New to TC19, we’ll have a space where tips and tricks are delivered demo-style in Data Village. Swing by to hear quick talks featuring information about keyboard shortcuts, filtering options, set actions, and more! If you’re anything like me, you geek out over a keyboard shortcut or a new formatting tip.

Throughout the convention center, we're adding more options for you to take in all the knowledge there is to gain at TC19 and more ways to interact with the most knowledgeable users. Speaking of the pros—or Zen Masters, specifically—these top Tableau users will be leading sessions, helping at Tableau Doctor, and more.

7. Be inspired by customer stories

One of the best things about TC is the face time we get with you, our customers, and being able to facilitate opportunities for you all to share and learn from one another. The hallway conversations you have are where brilliant ideas are hatched, problems are solved collaboratively, and hours of time are saved with the exchange of tips and ideas.

In the hundreds of sessions, you'll discover solutions to common industry challenges. You'll hear from peers in your field—financial services, healthcare, education, and more—who will be leading sessions that cover specific examples of how they're building data culture, handling change management, deploying Tableau, adding value in unique ways, and achieving success. When you attend, you'll get renewed motivation on what’s possible.

8. See where the Tableau platform is headed next

Many people come to Tableau Conference to find out what innovations we have planned. We take research and development seriously, working closely with customers like you, to adapt the platform quickly to what you want. TC is often the place we get to share that news and other exciting developments for the first time.

You'll experience Tableau developers taking the stage to demo the newest features landing in the market during the Devs on Stage keynote. This is consistently a highly-rated event and it’s so fun to hear everyone’s reactions as features they’ve been asking for are announced. We hope that you're one of the thousands of people cheering and hollering live in the audience.

Also on the keynote stage, hear from executive leadership like Tableau President and CEO, Adam Selipsky, and Chief Product Officer, Francois Ajenstat, to learn about the future of Tableau and our upcoming initiatives.

9. Get exclusive access to the newest Tableau features

After you see the new features on the keynote stage, you’re going to want to learn more and get your hands on them. Dive deeper into new features with breakout sessions and hands-on trainings that walk you through how to apply these features for yourself.

Tableau Showcase (formerly Tableau Labs) is back again to give you a voice to influence product improvements and give you a sneak peek into the future of Tableau builds from the developers themselves.

At TC19, you'll also have the opportunity to sign up for our Beta program and participate in focus groups. Collaborate with and directly influence the future of Tableau with your participation in this exclusive space. You can interact with our developers and share your feedback with them.

10. Party with your data

Every single thing that happens at TC is curated down to the tiniest detail and meant to inspire you—including the fun stuff. If you've never attended TC, get ready: there is a lot of fun stuff.

At TC19, look out for photo and gif booths, games, morning workouts, and more. We’re also known for our surprise moments from parades to flash mobs to line dancing and food trucks. You have to be there in Vegas this November to see what we have planned for you.

Who doesn’t love a good data pun? We’re obsessed, so we put them on everything. We love to create new swag emblazoned with phrases like “Who’s your data?” and “Talk data to me." Be there in-person to snatch up conference-exclusive hoodies, mugs, stickers, backpacks, buttons, and even the cutest baby onesies at the TC store.

Last but not least, I can't forget to mention Data Night Out. This is our annual customer appreciation party where data nerds really let their geek flags fly. Last year in New Orleans, we took over the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with zip lines, the chance to kick field goals, hosted live bands, set up arcade games on the field, and much more. This party is huge and one you will definitely remember. Year over year, this is the top-rated experience and we are so glad you enjoy our chance to celebrate you. We can't wait to see you at Tableau Conference this year.

Have more questions about TC19? We’ve got you. Check out our All about Tableau Conference (TC19) webinar series to help you make the most of your time at TC.

Ready to join the fun? Get your Tableau Conference ticket now to join the largest data community in Las Vegas, November 12-15.

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