The value of learning as a team at Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference is a true rite of passage for every Tableau user, an experience that stretches and shapes your core beliefs about what it means to be data-driven. To see the Tableau community in context is a beautiful thing. You’ll want to bottle up the energy, bring it back to the home office, and dispense it like the magic elixir that it is.

But what if it wasn’t just you who got to have all the fun–er, learn all the things?

What if you brought your entire data posse with you? Come to Tableau Conference to build a stronger culture of analytics by embracing the power of learning as a team.

The catalyst for building data culture

Truth: data analytics is the new language of business, whether you’re a Fortune 100 company, or a newly-hatched start-up. And now more than ever, all companies need to embrace a culture of analytics, and support a data-first mindset across their organizations. This can only happen if your teams are on the same page, working from a common understanding of why data matters.

Building a ‘data-culture muscle’ requires an ongoing commitment to open communication, professional development, and fostering a genuine, collaborative environment where data is a fluency for all, regardless of function. Everyone needs to be all-in on data.

Reaching your true potential as a data-first organization is also about team-building. The numbers tell the story: 37% of employees say “working with a great team” is their primary reason for staying in their job–and 50% say that communication patterns improve in the workplace when there’s social interaction outside of it. It’s also a truism of group process that people tend to support what they help create. Getting that all-important buy-in on your project is easier when you share the same vision.

Shared experiences for shared rewards

It’s easier to collaborate, communicate, and create when you’re inspired and motivated by your fellow team members. This is how TC really delivers for teams. There’s no substitute for a shared, real-life experience to invigorate your team–and TC is a powerful way for your group to immerse, explore, share, and bond over all things data. Attending TC together, you and your team will build serious camaraderie as you dive deep into everything Conference has to offer:

  • Solution-focused customer sessions
  • Hands-on product training
  • Tableau Doctor appointments
  • Facilitated networking with Braindates
  • Industry-specific meetups

Not to mention:

  • Exclusive swag that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Data Night Out customer party
  • Photobooth memories with your new #DataFam

Diversify your team investment

Want to bring a team, but not sure where to start? Here are just a few tips to make sure your organization sends the right mix of people to make the most of your time and investment.

  • Mix it up. Your group doesn’t need to be from one department, or even from the same city. In fact, functionally diverse teams are highly recommended. Think: analysts, IT, data scientists, finance, marketing, developers, and more.
  • Think outside the cubicle. Many organizations that bring groups to Tableau Conference have a mix of people from their organization that don’t know each other. TC is a chance to broaden your horizons and connect with people inside your company, but outside of your inner circle.
  • Embrace all skill levels. Including coworkers who are less data-fluent can turbo-charge their learning and provide fresh perspectives. Sprinkle in the data rockstars to build well-rounded teams that push beyond the status quo.
  • More people, more savings. We’re talking serious coin here. Did you know that groups starting at five or more save on registration fees? Bring 20 or more, and the savings double.

TC superpower: From one to ONE

When you attend as a team, you have a special advantage: the power of numbers (no data pun intended). At TC, you and your team can ‘divide and conquer’. Because conference is known for its vast array of content (last year clocked in at over 600 hours of sessions), individual attendees need strategic plans to hit everything on their wish lists. Teams can cover more ground, with no one left behind. Reporting back to each other with new learnings and insights is as fun as it is valuable. If you are rolling deep with your team, it is also making a strong statement about the investment your company is making in its people, and leading by example as a data-driven culture.

Besides, nothing says ‘Return on Investment’ like engaged employees who feel connected to one another, and connected to the big picture. So, let’s hear it for the magic of teams–or, as the Avengers say, ONE is better than one. We think so, too.

Visit the Tableau Conference 2019 website to learn more about the benefits of attending and how to plan for your trip. We hope to see you November 12-15 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

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