3 ways to learn from peers at Tableau Conference Europe

Two women and a man applaud with big smiles for a customer presentation at Tableau Conference Europe.

Can you believe Tableau Conference Europe (TCE) is almost here?

We’re thrilled to have Tableau executives joining us on stage—including CEO Adam Selipsky, Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat, and SVP of EMEA Sales James Eiloart—plus plenty of presentations from Tableau developers and product experts. But what we think you’ll really love is that Conference provides an opportunity for you to find your people—to connect, share knowledge, and grow from one another’s experiences out on the front lines.

There’s unbelievable value in learning from the folks who share similar challenges, successes, and day-to-day experiences as you. And we aim to offer plenty of chances to do just that. Here are three ways you can learn from peers while at TCE19!

1. Hear about real-world data challenges and solutions in customer breakout sessions

A smiling, data-driven woman at a computer in a Tableau Conference Europe breakout session is having an 'aha' moment.

Nothing is better than hearing from your peers about the triumphs (and trials!) of their own analytics journeys. Year after year, customer breakout sessions are some of our most popular content, giving attendees new ideas to apply to their own business—straight from the folks who have been there. Here are just some of the customer presentations you have to look forward to:

  • Coca-Cola European Partners — Johannes Sæthre, senior data analyst, will provide valuable lessons learned from Coca-Cola, and what to avoid when implementing a data-driven culture of your own.
  • Jaguar Land Rover — Amy Ryder, data analyst, will share the successes, challenges, and what’s next for Jaguar Land Rover on the journey of data-driven transformation—from building an Analytics Centre of Excellence to empowering the analytics community.
  • ICIS — Manca Vitorino, director of Data, will explain how ICIS, the largest petrochemical market information provider, embeds Tableau visualisations into online reports to provide live pricing intelligence, forecast data, and market analytics for customers.
  • Dentsu Aegis Network — Ingrid Pino, senior visual analytics specialist, and Lisette Hagenaars, market research team lead, will share their “Heartbeat” dashboard concept and how this marketing performance framework has been applied to retailers from eyewear to groceries.
  • BMW AG — Barbara Moser, data scientist, will walk you through the technology stack and data analysis framework that helps to answer daily questions from BMW testers and developers about software performance, weather interference, and more.

2. Learn from seasoned experts in the Tableau Community

Data rockstars Eva Murray and Andy Kriebel lead a Makeover Monday activity to a packed room at Tableau Conference Europe.

Who better to learn tips and tricks from than some of the most experienced members of the Tableau Community? Given their unmatched passion and dedication to solving data challenges with modern analytics, we’re pleased to have these presenters share their wisdom in sessions this year in Berlin:

  • Tableau Zen Master Merlijn Buit will dive deep into the Extensions API with lots of live demos—including playable games built with Tableau.
  • Tableau Zen Master Chris Love will navigate a set of dashboard builds to demonstrate how to overcome errors in those moments when Tableau doesn’t do what you’d expect.
  • Tableau Zen Master Yvan Fornes will share three golden rules and six key steps to ensure your dashboard design practice is engaging and impactful.
  • Tableau Zen Master Rob Radburn will teach you how to build a successful Centre of Excellence on a small budget, and how to manage Tableau for 1,000+ regular users.
  • Tableau Zen Master Emma Whyte and Tableau Ambassador Ravi Mistry will provide helpful insights for growing your analytics culture, winning hearts and minds, and delivering clear metrics to prove success.
  • Tableau Zen Master Klaus Schulte and Tableau Conference 2018 Iron Viz finalist Ludovic Tavernier will talk about their work together on an award-winning data essay, sharing insights and how it changed the way they collaborate with different types of people and data.
  • Tableau Zen Master Hall of Famer Steve Wexler will explain how to get people engaged and inspired with personalised dashboards that can really influence behaviour.
  • Tableau Ambassador and User Group leader Paul Chapman will show how his team utilises AI, machine learning, sentiment and spatial analytics to cut six-week tasks down to hours, delivering value through actionable insights.

3. Connect with peers to build your skills and get involved

A group of data enthusiasts make new connections and expand their professional network outside in the sunshine during Tableau Conference Europe.

As always, you can boost your expertise with hands-on training and put your skills to the test to earn a Tableau Certification, but TCE also presents unique opportunities to connect with peers from across the continent (and world!) for specialised knowledge.

Micro Meets are new to TCE this year. These “birds of a feather” style meetups will offer connections with like-minded data enthusiasts who have similar positions or share an industry.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network and get involved with groups that meet regularly outside of Conference. Previously, we wrote about the Data + Women meetup—a great way to kick off your Conference experience before the opening keynote. Other groups you’ll find at TCE19 include:

  • IT Tableau User Group — Hosted by Mark Kernke and Paul Banoub
  • Berlin Tableau User Group — Hosted by Ingo Levin
  • Healthcare Meetup — Hosted by Simon Beaumont

The global data visualisation community is never short on inspiration or ways to sharpen your skills and get creative feedback in a fun, supportive environment. And now is your chance to learn more about participating in these great communities. Whether you’re a regular contributor or curious to jump in for the first time, at TCE19 you’ll have a chance to meet and learn more about these groups:

  • Makeover Monday — Organised by Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray
  • Workout Wednesday — Organised by Ann Jackson and Lorna Eden
  • Sports Viz Sunday — Organised by Simon Beaumont and James Smith
  • Viz for Social Good — Organised by Neil Richards and Amanda Patists

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