Affordable online training for everyone who uses Tableau in your organization

Analytics skills are increasingly valuable to knowledge workers of all kinds, and Tableau is committed to providing valuable (and fun!) training—with flexible options to meet the needs of different roles and learning styles. We want to make it easy to learn Tableau.

So, we are excited to announce some new changes and additions to our eLearning platform—including new course options for more casual data users with the Explorer license, localized eLearning for Desktop users with a Creator license, and lower eLearning prices to help your organization scale with affordable, online learning for everyone.

"I have been learning Tableau on my own. eLearning showed me features I didn't know existed, other methods to use the functionality, and new approaches to improve my viz."

We are also breaking the existing course structure into an outcome-based learning experience. These guided learning paths with bite-sized modules will help Tableau users enhance and retain their Tableau knowledge and achieve outcomes quickly, even without previous analytics experience. Finally, we’ll be prioritizing valuable user feedback in our regular updates to content so we can continue to design training that brings learners the most value and enables them to quickly drive impact with new skills.

A computer screen showing Tableau eLearning modules for more casual data users with a Tableau Explorer license.

New eLearning for Explorers

Tableau Explorers may be line-of-business knowledge workers who like to get hands-on with data. Explorers can create visualizations from prepared and governed data sources, and also edit or customize existing visualizations and dashboards to find new insights—all within their web browser!

Our new eLearning offering will help these types of users to learn common analysis and authoring techniques for exploring trusted data. Through outcome-based learning modules, these data-curious learners will quickly adapt to the capabilities provided in their web-based environment, including exploring existing views published to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, and how to modify or create their own.

Learn more and get started with eLearning for Explorers.

"The flow of the eLearning training is very good because it builds upon previous lessons and is easy to navigate. The hands-on learning is extremely good. Exercises are entertaining, with real applications."

New localized eLearning for Creators

We’re excited to announce that we now offer Tableau Desktop I, Desktop II, and Desktop III eLearning courses in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese! This will help more people globally to see and understand their data—from learning the basics of visual analysis to becoming a Tableau power user, taking advantage of rich features for deeper, more complex analysis.

These training courses are valuable for people who use analytics in their everyday job, especially if the build or curate analytical content for others to access or use for further analysis.

Learn more and get started with localized eLearning for Creators.

A woman sits at her computer in her home office, taking a self-paced online course through Tableau eLearning.

Affordable, scalable, and up-to-date training for everyone

eLearning is the most economical way to get all the Tableau users in your organization trained up in a consistent and scalable manner. And to help make our self-paced, online training more affordable and accessible, we’ve lowered the price for eLearning for everyone with a Tableau Creator or Explorer license.

Organizations have more success with analytics at scale when people have the necessary skills to use data appropriately for their role. eLearning provides contextually relevant guidance with the flexibility of just-in-time learning to quickly scale new users and introduce new skills to existing users. The hands-on activities and knowledge checks ensure people retain what they learn. And administrators have access to detailed usage reports to monitor the progress of users and help drive course completion.

"Tableau's eLearning is great at 'chunking' information into digestible bits so that you can make sure you aren't missing anything. The activities are very helpful to reinforce what you are learning."

Learn more about Tableau eLearning today to get your employees started at their own pace! To learn more about volume discounts for eLearning, connect with your Tableau account manager.

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