August is a vacation month for many, but apparently not for you, the wonderful Tableau blogging community. Once again, you delivered many great lessons and vizzes. One aspect I really enjoy about reading all of the blogs is how they reflect the diversity of topics which you could specialize in, whether it is in Server, Dataviz, Code, data prep, hacks, or something else. There are nearly endless options to be found in the community.

For example, are you interested in creating a consistent look and feel for your Tableau dashboards and charts? In that case, look no further than Jovan Lekovic’s excellent rundown of the style guide they’ve created for the BBC. There are excellent ideas in there for everyone to use.

Maybe you have geographical data. Our European Iron Viz champion, Klaus Schultz, has a great technique to create a custom map zoom control in Tableau. This is advanced level stuff, but very powerful for when the need arises.

Or maybe you want to focus on chart types and go beyond the standard bar charts? In which case, Ken Flerlage has you covered with his joy plot tutorial. He shares where he received his own inspiration for the blog post. In addition to telling you how to make the joy plots, Ken also provides advice on when it’s appropriate to use them.

Perhaps you’re a Tableau Server Admin? If so, you should check out Jonathan McDonald’s post on managing a Server installation. If you’ve been thinking about your back-up strategy, or your cleanup processes, this post will be a great help.

Finally, maybe you are getting excited about Tableau Conference in New Orleans in October—it’s not too late to register! If you’re new to the conference, our veterans have you covered and Mark Bradbourne has a post with lots of tips about how to get the most out of the event.

Whatever your special sauce is, our blogging community has you covered. If you’ve got ideas, big or small, you should share them!

Until next month, keep on blogging!

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