Here’s what happened when we asked kids to explain data—and how you can join our #KidsExplainData GIF contest

A lot of kids might not understand the concepts of data visualization or data prep—but they understand cleaning their room or coloring inside (or outside) the lines. In our recent brand campaign, our Chief Marketing Officer, Elissa Fink, sat down with a group of kids to talk about data (and life in general).

We learned some things—like three out of four kids prefer “clean” over “messy” and in some people’s eyes, a firewall is simply a “wall that’s on fire.” You can watch all of the videos on our YouTube channel.

At the end of the day, we found that kids just want things to be straightforward and fun. And when it comes to exploring data, I think we can all relate.

Caption a #KidsExplainData GIF to win!

We’re asking you, Tableau Community, to create your own #KidsExplainData reaction GIFs to showcase your experiences with data and Tableau! See below for instructions.

Post your own GIF on Twitter between August 16 and 23 with the hashtag #KidsExplainData to be entered to win an $100 gift card to the Tableau Store.

Here’s some GIFs to serve as inspiration:

We can’t wait to see your creations! Keep checking the #KidsExplainData hashtag on Twitter for more GIFs from us along with some of our favorites from the community.

How to create #KidsExplainData GIF:

  1. Go to our GIPHY channel
  2. Click your favorite GIF
  3. Choose "Copy Link" and copy "GIF link"
  4. Go to "Create" in upper right corner
  5. Paste the GIF url
  6. Type away

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