Best of the Tableau Web: Creating data portraits, designing mobile vizzes, and more

Hello everyone and welcome to Best of the Tableau Web, recapping May 2018. Each month I scour the web for the best blogs about all-things Tableau. Whether you are writing about Desktop, Prep, Server, or Public, I’d love to feature it here.

Last month saw the first of the Iron Viz feeder results. Oh my! Each time we run a feeder for this competition, the standard gets higher and higher. I heartily congratulate all the people who took the time and effort to create an entry. Judging this feeder was one of the hardest ever. Congratulations to Ludovic Tavernier who won with a stunning viz about The Amazing Letter E.

Looking at a finished product is one thing but learning about how they were created adds an extra dimension. I recommend everyone reads all the Iron Viz background posts. It will help you become a better analyst as you get insight into the challenges of all aspects of visualization development.

Whether your work is done privately or publicly, it is beneficial to learn about how others do data collection, data preparation, and design. Thank you to Nisa Mara, Bridget Cogley, Lindsay Betzendahl, Neil Richards and Ann Jackson for their fascinating insights. [Note: These posts do not affect the judging process. They are not mandatory for entering Iron Viz!]

The next Iron Viz feeder will be announced on June 15th and I encourage you all to enter. Keep your eye on the Tableau Public blog for details. This could be your chance to show off your skills to thousands of people at Tableau Conference 2018 in New Orleans.

Until then, enjoy this month's roundup:

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