The Tableau community represents the very best of what we data people can be. When we come together, we create a vibrant place for all data lovers to learn, share, and most importantly, connect. This community is selfless and humble. It’s diverse and welcoming. Together, we build each other up, celebrate successes, and help each other overcome obstacles that may seem too daunting to tackle alone. Together we are extraordinary.

“We Are Data People” is our anthem. It embodies everything this amazing community has come together to build, and we think that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Join the campaign

Starting September 25th, we mailed 5,000 #WeAreDataPeople flags to our community with one simple directive: Take a selfie.

The 250th person to tweet a selfie with the flag to @Tableau using #WeAreDataPeople will win a free custom Tableau iPad. The best part? Every selfie entered will have the opportunity to be featured during one of the Tableau keynotes at Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. (If you aren’t able to join us in person, don’t worry! You can check out the celebration via Tableau Conference Live wherever you are.)

Didn’t receive a flag? We’ve got you covered. Complete this form, and we’ll get one sent your way as soon as possible, while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply.

Thank you

The Tableau community is—and always will be—exceptional, and that’s because of each of you. Thanks for joining us on our mission to help people see and understand their data. We couldn’t do it without you.

Ready to get involved? Check out these resources:


This is awesome!

If you don't hit 250, what will happen? I'm just saying, someone who did an analysis while learning to use a data web connector and table calculations could use the iPad.!/vizhome/TableauWeAreDataPeopleTweets/WeAreDataPeopleTweets?publish=yes

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