Got questions about deploying Tableau in your enterprise? Want to know how you can build an analytics culture that unites IT and business users in common goals? Look no further than the Tableau community.

Next Wednesday, we'll feature three enterprise experts from the Tableau community in a Twitter chat. Join Paul Banoub, Gregory Lewandowski, and Mike Roberts for the #UnITedInData Twitter chat at 9 am PST. We’ll discuss tips on deploying governed self-service analytics at scale so organizations can leverage the value of their two greatest assets, their people and their data.

Got a question you’d like answered during the chat? Post them in the comments below and we’ll try to include them in the discussion.

Here are the three panelists who will lead our discussion:

Paul Banoub
Tableau Zen Master
Director of Analytics, USB Investment Bank
Gregory Lewandowski
Tableau Social Ambassador
President, Lewandog
Mike Roberts
Tableau Zen Master
Director of Data Analytics, PluralSight

Save the date for the #UnITedInData Twitter chat on March 1 at 9 am PST!


What advice would you give to those of us tasked with training Tableau beginners who will be responsible for developing dashboards within an organization? There are many things that they can do right & wrong in data reporting after they've left class, & it seems that we as a community need to be collaboratively brainstorming on how best to set them on the right path.

Hi Steve,

Definitely a concern...

The 1st thing I would suggest is to use high-quality trainers from the outside, who have trained hundreds of people. Though an individual may be the best Tableau person in the company, it does not mean that they are able to create and deliver a comprehensive course to bring people from zero to competent.

A few recommended actions:
- Create an internal community to support the ongoing education of those working with Tableau. Include social media, book reviews, links, articles, videos, white papers etc, and have regular meetings to bring people together.
- Require peer review as part of any analytics process to ensure the quality of the product before moving to PROD.
- Use internal contests and participation in events like #makeovermonday to gauge the skills of the team members.
- Assign mentors to new users to coach them to success.
- Require the delivery of increasingly difficult analyses before provisioning the user with publishing rights.

Though not my style, you may also choose to be more prescriptive:
- Create a clearing house process between DEV and PROD to ensure the review of products before publication.
- Only allow the use of certified and governed data.
- Create an audit process to randomly sample the work of the team.

There are many other ways of accomplishing this goal, but ultimately Darwin will weed out those whose work is not up to par.

This should be an interesting discussion. As someone who has been immersed in the Tableau community for a while, it has appeared to me that Tableau has tacitly (if not, explicitly) supported the notion of separating IT from business users. By creating and promoting a tool (desktop) and a platform (server) that looks great, feels great, and that is 'smart' enough to make non-technical people appear technical, it seems like Tableau has inadvertently deepened the divide between IT and business users. While undoubtedly good for Tableau sales, this dynamic is problematic because, in fact, orgs do need technically skilled IT contributors to scale Tableau effectively. One of the big obstacles, however, is finding someone whose IT skills match their ability to think from an analytics perspective. How do you go about adding that technical layer (e.g., tooling and IT folks) that's needed for enterprise scaling without disrupting and/or sacrificing the self service and agile nature of Tableau?

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