Coming Up: The Tableau Virtual Event of the Year!

The Tableau 10 launch is just around the corner, and we here at Tableau headquarters are buzzing with excitement.

To celebrate, we’re hosting a live Tableau 10 Virtual User Group this Thursday! Be sure to mark your calendar and tune in.

The VTUG is all about celebrating you, the Tableau community, and showing you the magic of Tableau 10.

Tune in to watch Tableau Ambassadors, Amber Smart, Christopher Scott, and Emily Kund interview Tableau 10 developers. They’ll check in with user groups hosting in-person events around the world and give away passes to TC16. Then, four Tableau product managers will share in-depth demos of Tableau 10.

If you have questions you’d like to ask, tweet them to us using #TableauVTUG on the day of the event. You can also post them ahead of time on the Community Forums.

Register here to join us for the Tableau virtual event of the year!

In the meantime, check out the bios below and get to know our hosts and presenters.

Preshow Hosts

Amber Smart

Amber is Oklahoma City’s TUG leader. She’s also a Tableau Ambassador. Amber has always been a numbers person and loves problem-solving. Give her a challenging data set, and she’ll be in a happy place as she tries to discover the hidden stories within.

Christopher Scott

Christopher is also a Tableau Ambassador, and Raleigh, North Carolina’s TUG leader. He loves networking, dashboard design, and color integration. His favorite chart? A bubble chart!

Emily Kund

Emily is a Tableau Ambassador, Government User Group leader, and host of the Tableau Wannabe podcast. She loves leadership. And whether it's in her day job or in the Tableau community, she wants everyone to be a leader in some respect.

Demo Presenters

Amy Forstrom

Amy is a senior product manager focusing on visualization and visual analysis. When she’s not working, she’s likely to be paddle-boarding or thinking about paddle-boarding. Her favorite Tableau 10 feature is the highlighter which she uses it all the time.

Roger Hau

Roger is a senior product manager for Tableau’s data-prep and Integration team. When he’s not wrangling gnarly data sets, he enjoys the outdoors and bingeing on Netflix. His favorite fruit is the pineapple.

Steph Dietzel

Steph Dietzel is a senior software engineer working on bringing more of Tableau to the web. She is fueled by coffee and love cats, bikes, and books. With Tableau 10, she can't decide if she is more excited for Google Sheets Connector, the new default formatting, or dashboard web authoring.

Tyler Doyle

Tyler is a senior product manager on Tableau’s self-service and collaboration team. He started at Tableau working on the support team. In 2013, he jumped over to the development team where he's been happily working on several projects and helping improve Tableau Server. He studied economics, and often wonders how he ended up in software.

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