Talking #WEviz, Community on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining Emily Kund and Matt Francis on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast. I had never been on a podcast and it was such a fun experience!

Check out the May 27 post to hear about the amazing vizzes that Emily has encouraged through her #WEviz event. Emily, a big proponent for women’s empowerment (WE), raised awareness using Tableau through a virtual hackathon.

“It amazes me [that] you can take one data set and get so many different perspectives on it,” says Emily.

Jen Vaughan, Franca Higginbotham, and Matt Francis all participated. One of Jen’s submissions explored gender inequality around the world. Matt noticed an interesting insight: the top 10 highly-developed countries had a lot of variation in both the mortality ratio and fertility rates.

“You’d think it’d be a lot more even. These are the industrial countries, but there is such a big variation. You’d think they’d all have good medicines," he says. "People often think this is a problem that is affecting the far away world, but no, it’s actually right on your doorstep.”

Emily and Matt have a banter that is so inviting. Emily’s laugh put me right at ease and Matt’s dry humor and British accent made the early-morning call much more entertaining.

I now better understand how non-daily members perceive the Tableau Community Forums. Of course, as the community strategist, I understand how awesome it is, but our conversation provided insight into how they both recognize it as a valuable resource for people of every skill level.

“Seeing the amount of traffic and people you’ve got on there, you just know, wow, this Tableau group is a really active vibrant group," says Matt. "You see questions are being asked every day and more importantly, questions are being answered every day.”

Their support and enthusiasm has invigorated me to continue building this amazing community.

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