Celebrating Super Pi Day the Seattle Way

I’m a bit of a math dork. As such, I am tremendously excited about Super Pi Day!

Clearly, a moment in time as special as 3/14/15 (9:26:53) has to be celebrated somehow. Here’s my plan for a day of celebrating in Seattle. My boyfriend and sister are really excited. (No, seriously, they are—or at least I’m excited enough for all of us!)


Our first stop: Le Rêve Bakery where we'll order either a tart or a quiche, both of which are almost pie.

At 9:26:53 a.m. on the dot, we’ll have a pi recitation contest. I’m good up to 3.14159265358979323, but I bet if I practice nonstop, I can get further.

After breakfast, we’ll head to the check out the cherry trees at the University of Washington since cherries are used in pies, and the trees are supposed to be in full bloom this weekend (clearly for Super Pi Day).


Next, we'll be off to Hi 5 Pie in Capitol Hill. Are you a sweet or savory pie person? Do you enjoy food that comes in a mason jar? Hi 5 Pie will satisfy any craving. Plus the fact there’s a number in the name just made this a shoo-in stop on this journey.

Afternoon activity will involve watching "The Joy of Pi" episode on my "The Joy of Mathematics" DVD.
(If you’re surprised I own a DVD collection called “The Joy of Mathematics," it sits on my bookshelf next to “Queen of the Sciences: A History of Mathematics.") This is what my bookshelf looks like. (Whoever dusted last is not as big of a pi-fanatic as I am. Can you spot the error?)


A day like this must be shared. I’ve invited a group of like-minded friends to hit up Paxti’s Pizza in Ballard with what may be my favorite kind of pie (other than pi).

After dinner, we’ll sing a rousing chorus of American Pi to the tune of American Pie by Don McLean:

"Pi, Pi, find the value of Pi
twice eleven over seven is a mighty fine try
a good ol' fraction you may hope to supply
but the decimal never dies
decimal never dies"


To keep the festivities going as long as possible, dessert from Pie, in Tableau’s very own Fremont, will be eaten at precisely 9:26.

P.S. If you’re sad Super Pi Day comes only once a century, check out this video and get ready for June 28, 2031, which is Super Tau Day.

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