Salesforce is a great system. We use it extensively at Tableau. But, the standard Salesforce way of looking at things is as a giant list of objects. Sorted, if you're lucky.

But that doesn't give people insight that can help them make better decisions at every point in their day. What if salespeople could get a visual read on their entire pipeline and prioritize calls accordingly? What if your sales managers took their pipeline review time from hours per weeks to a few minutes, using well-designed and interactive dashboards?

Salesforce Canvas lets you embed interactive visualizations in Salesforce pages. This means you can see an opportunity in the context of all opportunities, or see thousands of activities in an account in a single view. Or blend your Salesforce data with data from other sources and present both to your users, right inside Salesforce.

To see how it works, watch this video of a solution that combines Salesforce1, the mobile app for Salesforce, together with Salesforce Canvas and embedded dashboards from Tableau. You can refresh your data in specified intervals. There are also options available for real-time data refresh.

In addition to the Canvas connector toolkit, we have more news to share:

  • The Salesforce Canvas toolkit is an officially supported component. Note that Tableau Support can provide help for the components that are part of the toolkit, but cannot answer general integration and development questions that are specific to your environment.
  • For help with your specific environment, Tableau's crack Professional Services team is trained on the Salesforce Canvas toolkit and can provide engagements to enable or debug it.
  • A new, more robust set of documentation for the Salesforce Canvas toolkit is available.

This toolkit works with both Tableau Server and Tableau Online, using SAML for single sign-on authentication.

Live analytics right inside Salesforce. Because who doesn't want to be smarter?

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