Top 10 Trends in Cloud for 2016

In 2015, we saw tremendous growth in cloud technology. Enterprise giants became cloud-relevant, and startups everywhere crowded into the party. Cloud data gained recognition as efficient and cost-effective, and industry players raced to capitalize on a widespread shift to cloud.

Here at Tableau, we’ve got a front-row seat for this revolution. From our Seattle HQ, as we sip our hand-roasted, micro-farmed coffees, we like to evaluate the ways in which technology is changing the face of business. From these discussions, we’ve formulated a set of top cloud trends to watch in 2016.Here are two that stand out.

It’s a Data Land Grab

The race is on for your data. From Salesforce to Amazon Web Services, the big cloud players want organizations everywhere to move data into their cloud ecosystems. And we’re not just talking about typical internal data assets. In 2016, data from web platforms like Workday, Zendesk, and various devices will become prime targets for the cloud giants.

The idea of an enterprise data lake in the cloud is quickly taking hold. Cheap storage options from cloud providers and the allure of zero-capital expenditure with hosted solutions will make the cloud data lake an attractive option for enterprise in 2016. With the intent of building an analytical view of resources and customers, companies will also grow increasingly interested in non-traditional but vital data sources, from IoT assets to social media metrics.

Big Companies Go Cloud in a Big Way

The tipping point is upon us. Cloud adoption is no longer something that “only startups do.” Large enterprises from every conceivable industry are transitioning entire infrastructure and data ecosystems into the cloud.

In 2016, the idea that cloud applications can create improvements across the business landscape will move from edge case to consensus. Companies from the most traditional and change-resistant sectors are seeing the writing on the wall: Cloud technology strategies cut both cost and risk. More CIOs will embrace the cloud, especially as they peer five years into the future and the alternative of massive, unsustainable overhead stares menacingly back.

Those are two of our predictions. For all 10, check out our slideshare below.

Know of a trend you think we missed? Share your thoughts and contribute your 2016 cloud forecast in the comments below, or on Twitter with the hashtag #datatrends16.

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