Nominate a Tableau Social Media Ambassador!

Do you know an exceptional Tableau user who helps others via social media? Nominate the person to be a Tableau Ambassador!

Earlier this year, we launched the Tableau Ambassador program, which recognizes community members who go above and beyond the call of duty to help other Tableau users. The program began with a single branch, the Tableau Ambassadors for the Community Forums. We soon added two more branches: the Tableau Ambassadors for User Groups and the Tableau Ambassadors for Social Media. The Ambassador program now encompasses three different—but deeply-connected—areas of the Tableau community: the community forums, the user groups, and social media.

I manage the social media branch of this program, and I’ve had a blast working with our inaugural group of ambassadors. These ten social media gurus have helped us build the program and, most importantly, offered support and resources to countless people on social media. And I’m excited to announce that in January, they’ll be joined by a new group of ambassadors!

The Tableau Ambassadors for Social Media

Our second group of Social Media Ambassadors will be chosen in part by community nomination. What makes a great Social Media Ambassador? First and foremost, a Social Media Ambassador is someone who goes out of his or her way to answer questions on Twitter, or gives others shoutouts for their work. He or she also:

  • Produces educational content to help Tableau users—this could be a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast, or even a series of funky educational memes! (Hey, why not?)
  • Actively engages in conversations on social media to help and support other Tableau users.
  • Is a go-to resource who always seems to know about the latest tutorials and blog posts published by the community.
  • Constantly tickles our brains with interesting content they find and share on social media (like this and this).

Sound like someone you know? Then use this form to tell us about them! Feel free to nominate more than one person. Your nominations will help us identify and recognize people who have an amazing impact on the social media community, both now and in the future. All nominations are due by Dec. 21.

We can’t wait to introduce our new Social Media Ambassadors in January! In the meantime, I wish you all a very merry, data-driven holiday season.

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