Missed #tc14? Wish you would've had time for more than one session in an hour? Don't worry, you can watch some of the most highly rated sessions at #tc14 right here.

Making a Viz That Stops Traffic

Short shorts and viz skirts certainly stopped traffic in this session, but you'll be more than entertained. Listen as three of the top data bloggers in the world describe how they make their vizzes stand out. By the end, you'll know dozens of practical methods to make your data a frequent topic of discussion.

The 4th Annual Tableau Iron Viz Championship

Watch as three of the worlds preeminent data artists battle with the same identical dataset in order to create the finest visual story in the room. Then see who walks away with the $2000 prize...

Destination Calculations

Watch as Bethany Lyons takes the complexity out of table calculations and turns them into a beautiful and fluid method for finding and sharing deep insights in your data. This is a Jedi level session, so make sure you are ready for some intense, but amazingly practical information.


I just watched Customizing Table Calcs by Bethany Lyons. Awesome!

I wasn't able to attend the conference. Does anyone know if her workbook is posted anywhere? I would like to download it and try those calcs myself.

Thanks - Stuart

Well done queen of the table calcs! very useful


Excelent a presentation. Congratulation!

Paulo Roberto

Wow this is really interesting and neat and cool wow

I was unable to access the videos - asked me to watch on Vimeo and when I clicked thru the video was not found on the site. Did anyone else experience this issue?

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