We are delighted to announce the 2014/2015 Tableau Zen Masters. We are grateful to all our customers who help make our community so amazing. The Zen Masters are the people who, day-after-day, week-after-week, go above and beyond in their contributions. Here is the list of all the 2014/15 Zen Masters. Below the list are details of how you can follow them online and at our conference. For more detailed bios on each of the Zen Masters, head over to the official page.

The 2014/15 Tableau Zen Masters

Allan Walker

Andy Kriebel

Twitter: @VizWizBI

Web: vizwiz.blogspot.com

Facebook: Vizwiz

Anya A'Hearn

Chuck Hooper

Dan Murray

Joe Mako

Jonathan Drummey

Joshua Milligan

Twitter: @VizPainter

Web: vizpainter.com

Kelly Martin

Blog: VizCandy

Twitter: @VizCandy

Mark Jackson

Matthew Lutton

Noah Salvatarra

Peter Gilks

Twitter: @pgilks

Web: PaintByNumbers

Ramon Martinez

Richard Leeke

Shawn Wallwork

Twitter: @ShawnWallwork

Community Page: Shawn's Community Page

Steve Wexler

How to follow the Zen Masters

You might be interested in how you can follow and keep up with the Zen Masters. There are lots of ways:

Read their blogs

The Zen Master page has links to all their incredible blogs. Subscribe to these blogs on Feedly, Pocket, or Bloglovin' and you'll be guaranteed a good read throughout the year.

Follow them on Twitter

Most of our Zen Masters are active on Twitter. Subscribe to this list to keep up with the conversation.

See them in action at Destination Data

If you are heading to Seattle next week to our conference, there are many ways to meet and follow the Zen Masters:

Look out for their lanyards

If you see an enso on a Lanyard, well done - you've spotted a Zen Master. Go shake their hand. Or take a selfie and post it to Twitter/Instagram #ZenMasterAndMe

Attend their sessions

On the conference app or online, use the Zen Master content type filter to see who's speaking when and where.

See the live announcement

We will be officially announcing and congratulating the Zen Masters during Hans Rosling's keynote on Thursday. Be sure to be there to cheer them on.

We hope you enjoy following and learing from the Zen Masters. Next year, could you be one of our new Zen Masters?

(thumbnail image from: Wade M on flickr)


Congrats to the Zen Masters - truly a very talented group.

Can you give us the name of the TWITTER LIST since clicking on the link says something like "list does not exist"


Thank you - I managed to subscribe to the list by pulling it up on my twiiter (desktop) page and then clicking on Subscribe. For some reason I was unable to subscribe from my ipad - I tried clicking on the link in the blog post, the link in your reply and even in the twitter client

Great list - nice job

Congratulations to all the new Zen Masters!!

WooHoo! Congrats! Each of you makes such amazing contributions to the Tableau community. :)

Congrats Peter. We are proud of you @Slalom NY

Congrats and well deserved. I can easily name at least three things I've learned from _each person_ on this list. The community is a big part of what makes Tableau special.

Congrats Zen Masters! Looking forward to meeting some of you at TCC14!

Congrats to all Zen Masters.. and in particular, nice work Matt Lutton!

Thanks Greg! It is quite an honor, and TC14 was quite an experience!

If that is Jim Wahl posting a few comments previous, I would have nominated you in a heartbeat -- you are such an integral part of the Forums Community and I've learned a TON from you.

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