Want to know more about the session content at TC14? Now you can see it for yourself in Tableau. Today, we're making available the raw data sets of our session information, so you can visualize the sessions exactly the way you want to see them. (Of course, you can always find the schedule visualized as the TC14 website.)

When Tableau user Dan Rullo actually scraped the conference website so he could visualize this data in Tableau, we decided we ought to make this process easier for our customers. (Thanks Dan! Also, sorry Dan!)
An important disclaimer: Session information is subject to change at any time. When you download the raw data files, you'll be getting the most current information available, along with a timestamp. The "single source of truth" is always the TC14 website. We strongly recommend including a similar disclaimer in any session visualizations that you plan to distribute or share on Public.
We're making 4 files available. You can join them all on session ID.
sessions.csv contains a row for each session at conference.http://tcc14.tableauconference.com/schedule/sessions.csv
session-speakers.csv contains a row for each session/speaker combination, along with more details about individual speakers.http://tcc14.tableauconference.com/schedule/session-speakers.csv
session-user-types.csv contains a row for each session/user type combination.http://tcc14.tableauconference.com/schedule/session-user-types.csv
session-industries.csv contains a row for each session/industry combination.http://tcc14.tableauconference.com/schedule/session-industries.csv
Building something awesome? Tweet us @tableau using #data14sessions or email us at social@tableau.com with subject line "TC14 Schedule Viz". We'll highlight some of our favorites on social media and the blog as we gear up for conference.

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I'm not a full-time report developer so take pity but here's what I'm using to figure out what I want to take:
I would like to have the chart fill in the time periods like a Gantt chart but I lack the skill. Maybe someone more skilled can do it?

Is the keynote going to be live streamed as in previous years?

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