October Viz Roundup

It’s time for the Viz Roundup! Every several months we look back on Viz of the Day and find visualizations that were especially meaningful, important or influential to share with you. This Roundup is particularly special because the majority of our featured vizzes have taken advantage of the new Story Points feature recently released in Tableau 8.2, which makes it easier to tell a narrative story with data. Take a look for yourself.

Tracking West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak

Ramon Martinez of Health Intelligence looks at the geographic distribution of cases and deaths in the most recent outbreak of Ebola. Use the slider at the top left to observe how the outbreak has spread over time.

The Most and Least Meaningful Jobs

The daily grind. The old 9-5. This viz from Payscale takes an in depth look at the professions that offer the most meaning... and income. Not surprisingly, medical professions score well in both categories. Physicists and Chief Executives also report highly meaningful work experiences and above average pay. Click through to see the interactive viz and look up your job.

Gazprom’s Grip

Russian energy giant Gazprom enjoys enormous leverage over the European energy market. Li Luo of Free Europe/Radio Liberty shows us the extent and effect of that leverage.

The Richest of the Rich in the SEC

Football season is almost upon us and with it comes the perennial debate on pay. In this case, Zen Master Andy Kriebel explores coaches’ salaries in the SEC. Make sure to click through the Story Points to see the entire story.

The 35 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

SumyNews shows us a detailed visualization of the size and makeup of the world’s largest militaries. Click here, or on the image for an interactive view.

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