Destination Data Countdown: Favorite Things About Seattle—Music

Things in the Tableau office can get a little raucous sometimes (we’re kind of excitable), so it’s not uncommon to see people reach for their headphones in order to focus on, oh yeah, their jobs. One of those people is often Senior Data Analyst on the Tableau Public team, resident music lover, and Tableau twitter personality, Jewel Loree (@jeweloree), who you can usually find with big green headphones on, playing with data and rocking out to some tunes. Jewel has worked at Tableau for a year and a half now, and helps journalists and bloggers create awesome vizzes and insight with Tableau Public. In between interacting with insanely smart and creative Tableau Public users every day, she also gets to play with fun data about Pokemon.

This week, Jewel brings YOU some insight into the legendary Seattle music scene. Even though she tends to find herself at a live show at least a couple times a week, she’s still discovering new bands and venues all the time (if that gives you an idea of how much great music there is in this city!). Check out all the options you might have while in town for TC14 this September, from catching the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall to seeing a local punk band at a tiny club to watching a small combo jam at one of the many great jazz clubs.

Oh, yeah: Jewel may be a “data rockstar” by day, but she’s an actual rockstar by night—here’s a shameless plug for her band, Golden Idols.

A few words from Jewel:
My favorite thing about the Seattle music scene is the diversity of it all. My band is kind of retro-inspired indie rock, so I know that scene really well, but I’ve also been around the jazz, punk, folk, electronic and hip-hop scenes, as well. The really cool thing is that most of the popular clubs in Seattle aren’t just exclusively one genre, so it’s easy to find a place you like and get exposed to lots of different kinds of music.

My favorite place to see live music isn’t technically in Seattle! The Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, Washington, is the most gorgeous (pun intended) place to catch a show in the entire WORLD. But in Seattle proper, I’m partial to the Tractor Tavern. It’s totally in the "Goldilocks’ Zone" of music venue sizes: big enough to get a good crowd going, but not cramped. It’s also in my neighborhood. Ballard represent!

Even though I consider myself knowledgeable about the local music scene, I’m still discovering new places all the time. I’ve highlighted some of my favorite places in this viz, but I’m going to use my own viz to discover even more bands and places to hear them!

Check out Jewel’s viz and find out where you might be able to squeeze in a show while in town for TC14 (filter by month under the "Show Date" menu). Happy listening!

Jonesing for even more data and info about the Seattle music scene? Check out the viz Jewel did on our local station, KEXP, to find out what music matters most at the station (and discover some new bands while you’re at it).

(We'll do what we can to introduce you to some more Seattle sounds at the Data Night Out appreciation party on Tuesday, September 9, at the Seattle Center, too.)

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