Destination Data Countdown: Favorite Things About Seattle—Craft Beer

No blog series about our favorite things about Seattle would be complete without talking about beer. Seattle boasts one of the country’s largest concentration of breweries (seriously, it's like they're on every corner in Ballard), and with good reason: three-quarters of the hops grown in this country come from the nearby Yakima Valley at the base of the Cascade mountain range. Lucky us! And lucky you, too, when you descend on Seattle for this year’s Tableau Conference.

This week, Rawi Nanakul, an Enterprise Product Consultant at Tableau takes us on a virtual tour of the Seattle beer scene. He helps teach, guide, troubleshoot, and evangelize Tableau with some of the biggest companies in the world, serving as their product sherpa guiding them data enlightenment.

A few words from Rawi:
Seattle is one of the most developed beer scenes in the country. You can find IPAs, sours, wild beers, you name it, all over the city. I’m originally from California and was blown away by how much craft beer is on the shelves here. I never have to worry about being too far from a good bar. [Editor’s note: “That's a relief.”]

I have three favorite places to drink beer: The Pine Box on Capitol Hill, which used to be a funeral home (and is where Bruce Lee’s funeral was held); Brouwer’s Café because the beer selection is one of the largest in the country [Editor’s note: It’s also down the street from Tableau HQ – that's handy]; and The Toronado which just opened its Seattle outpost this week (originally based in San Francisco and with a second location in San Diego) and is an institution for any craft beer drinker.

More proof, in case you need it: I’m also a beer photographer. Check out some of the pictures I’ve taken at Seattle beer events!

Photos courtesy of Rawi Nanakul/

Check out Rawi's viz on the Best Places to Find Beer in Seattle. Let us know what your recommendations are in the comments.


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