Destination Data Countdown: Favorite Things About Seattle—Bike Culture

Countdown to the 2014 Tableau Conference keeps on rolling along. We’re just 8 weeks out and the conference planning team is hustling to get everything ready! If you haven't registered for the conference yet, you still have a chance to save $200 off the registration price—but only until July 23.

Today we’re taking you outdoors on our quest to tell you everything we love about Seattle (and the Pacific Northwest). If you’ve been around town lately, you would have noticed the throngs of people flocking to bask in the sunshine, play in the water, and maybe a few more bicyclists out (riding for fun or commuting to and from work).

Isaac Obezo is a Data Systems lead here at Tableau, which really means he collects data and datasets, creates systems, and works to build and expand his Tableau skills. At work he’s in a constant state of exploration; he loves that his job means he gets to solve problems, work on narratives and build visualizations to answer questions. Isaac has worked at Tableau for over 4 years now, and remembers just being in awe of Tableau Desktop when he was applying for his job.

A few words from Isaac:
I have been commuting in Seattle for over 22 years now. I fell in love with cycling in Seattle when the craze was all mountain bikes (I still own my first road bike). There are so many amazingly scenic bicycle routes from Fremont to Downtown (where I live). I am constantly reminded that I get to live in a very beautiful city. One of the routes that takes me home is from Fremont to Magnolia, then to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This route drops me right off at my plot in the Belltown P-Patch. I love gardening, I love growing flowers and vegetables, harvesting and weeding, and being a small part of the gardening community here in Seattle. Oh did I mention I just rode the STP [Seattle to Portland] ride?

Take a look at Isaac’s viz below (made using Tableau 8.2 and Story Points): see his bike commute route to work and home (Elliot Bay trail), find out more about the P-Patch community in Seattle, and learn about the famous STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride, which just took place last weekend.

You can find Isaac on Twitter (occasionally) at @isaacobezo.

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