Destination Data: 2014 Tableau Conference Seattle Homecoming

The Tableau Conference is coming home and Team Tableau is thrilled to welcome you to sunny (in the summer) Seattle! It’s hard to believe our first conference was seven years ago. Those of you who were around for it can remember our intimate gathering of fewer than a 150 data lovers getting introduced to this little company called Tableau and how we could work together to redefine the business intelligence landscape.

Fast-forward seven years: we’ve crisscrossed the country and circled the globe; we took the Tableau Conference On Tour this year to Sydney, Munich, The Hague, and London, and now we’re coming home for the 2014 Tableau Conference. In just a couple months (starting September 8), we’ll welcome FIVE THOUSAND of our customers and partners, along with throngs of sponsors, and of course, freakishly friendly Tableau employees.

To kick off this homecoming, we wanted to share with you what we love most about this beautiful city. We’ve grouped together some creative Tableau employees to build vizzes about their favorite aspects of Seattle, from coffee and craft beer (plentiful), to food (local), to hikes (picturesque), and more.

Each week leading up to conference, we’ll share a new viz to help you discover some of our favorite things about Seattle. And it's only fitting to start with that commodity brew-turned-artisan beverage that Seattle is so famous for, coffee.

Leading off is Tara Walker, Data Analyst on the Tableau Public team. Tara has worked at Tableau for just 3.5 months, but she already loves that everyone at Tableau is just obsessed with data. Tara has a fun job—she connects with journalist and bloggers on a daily basis to help them visualize and share public data

.Tara loves coffee

In Tara’s own words:
I probably like coffee too much! I drink it all the time. It’s one of those things that’s a necessary part of my morning routine – as I’m sure it is for tons of other people. I love the atmosphere of a coffee shop, whether it was where you studied late at night with your friends in college or where I relax on a Saturday morning with an expertly crafted vanilla latte. It’s also such a huge part of local culture, so I thought, ‘Why not make a viz that highlights one of Seattle’s most famous exports?' I polled Tableau employees on their favorite coffee shops, and those are the results you see. Make sure to check out some of our favorite spots while you’re in Seattle!

I’m betting you’ll be able to find Tara at the Coffee Cart at Tableau Conference.

Make sure to register for the 2014 Tableau Conference in Seattle this September 8-12, and experience some of your own Seattle favorites.

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