Update to the Popular "Designing Efficient Workbooks" Whitepaper

Ever wanted to learn from one of the most experienced Tableau experts around? Now you can, in a 50-page update to the popular whitepaper Designing Efficient Workbooks.

Alan Eldridge, longtime Sales Engineer for Tableau in Australia, has spent years implementing Tableau with various customers. And he likes fast workbooks.

Last year he wrote the wildly popular whitepaper Designing Efficient Workbooks. It’s not just a troubleshooting guide for making collaborative analytics faster, though it is that. It’s also a fabulous resource for understanding the intricacies of the Tableau system, including why some queries are computationally harder (and hence slower) than others.

Here's another quiz for you efficiency-minded types:

Don't know? Don't fret. Read the whitepaper to find out.

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