Best of the Tableau Web... January 2014

Happy 2014! Hope your new year is off to a great start. Things are definitely great in the land of Tableau blogs.

Here's the list of awesome content I've seen during the month of January. I'm filling in for Andy this month, you can always follow him on twitter (@acotgreave) if you want to hear about these posts the moment they are published.

Tableau tips

  • Data Knight Rises YEAR OVER YEAR QUICK TIP
  • The Datographer Creating a 45 Degree Reference Line in a Tableau Scatter Plot (without SQL!)
  • VizWiz Tableau Tip: Make great looking band lines with area charts
  • Breaking BI Predictive Analytics in Tableau Part 5: Polynomial, Exponential and Piecewise Regression
  • VizWiz Tableau Tip: Showing all dates on a date filter after a Server refresh
  • Deciding with Data Using Red and Green in Your Tableau Viz
  • Data Revelations Boxes, Whiskers, and Jitters

Tableau Server

Tableau Jedi

  • The Information Lab Advanced Map Visualisation in Tableau using Alteryx 
  • Breaking BI Predictive Analytics in Tableau Part 3: Validating the Accuracy of your Predictions
  • VizPainter Slicing by Aggregate

Tableau commentary

  • VizWiz Spreading the gospel, one data viz nerd at a time
  • Vizdom 6 Reasons why I favour Tableau over Qlikview
  • Data Psientist New To Data Blogging: 3 Lessons 3 Months In
  • Tableau Friction Default Quick Filter Type Changes When Data Is Extracted

Tableau hackers

That should keep you going for another month. Let us know what you think and how we can improve these lists by tweeting Andy, (@acotgreave)

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