IT & Business: Data Rockstars Unite

"We have more time to do what IT does best," says Rob Villareal, Business Intelligence Competency Lead at World Wide Technology (WWT). WWT is a global provider of systems integration technology and services and supply chain solutions—and they've implemented Tableau across multiple departments. We spoke with Rob, as well as with Operations Manager Lance Leonard, about the impact they've seen across the organization.

As Rob puts it, "Every department is interacting with Tableau. We've been rolling it out to one vertical at a time, but at this point everybody is involved in some form or another.” And he's seen "a huge appetite for data."

Perhaps most surprising, however, is the effect this has had on IT. In the interview, Rob shares how IT gained greater insight into the way people are accessing data across the organization. Rather than fostering an environment of “shadow systems,” their Server implementation has empowered greater alignment and visibility. And IT and business both love that.

When we talk with customers like Lance and Rob, we get greater insight into the amazing things that IT can do with Tableau. We built the Drive methodology around a new partnership model between business and IT—enabling both of them to do more of what they already do best.

At Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, we interviewed leaders across the organization to find out what happened when they implemented Drive. As IT Business Consultant Jim VanSistine puts it, "It really let us pick and choose the good parts that IT is able to bring to a project, some of the governance models and support without doing some of the things that just create a bottleneck and a slowdown."

We're happy to see data rockstars unite, no matter what department they're in. In this interview, you can hear more from Carlson Rezidor employees across the organization. Enjoy—and let us know what you think!

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