It’s time for the Viz Roundup! Every so often we look back fondly on our Viz of the Day feed and find vizzes that were especially meaningful, important, or entertaining to share with you. The new Story Points feature recently released with Tableau 8.2 has made it much easier to narrate events with data. Feast your eyes on these impressive ways members of our community have used data to tell a story.

Fantasy Football Roster Analysis

Curt Harris uses Tableau to let you visually analyze your fantasy football roster decisions. Use the filters to sort by different roster positions and see which players are under/over valued.

Volvo Ocean Race

Andrew Pick from The Information Lab visualized the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race. Click on the image to view the viz and scroll through each date on the timeline to see who was leading. Hint - these initial places are almost how things ended up.

Socio-economic analysis of the Brazilian 2014 Elections

Daniel Lima at O Globo looks at the socio-economic divisions in the 2014 Brazilian Presidential vote. Click on the image to view the viz then follow the story points to see how the vote splits down along different socio-economic issues. #VizTheVote!

The History of Music #1s in the U.K.

Will Jones and Eric Shiarla of Interworks take a look at the history of music #1s in the United Kingdom from the 1950's until the 2010's. Click on a decade to see the most popular artists, songs and how long each song remained at the #1 spot.

Note: this viz was built in 30 mins and won the #data14fanalytics competition!

Prostate Cancer in the UK

Mustaches are aplenty this time of year, due to the efforts by The Movember Foundation to raise awareness and funding for research toward men's health issues such as prostate cancer. After her husband was diagnosed with the disease, Donna Coles was inspired to lay out the facts on prostate cancer in the UK. Click the screenshot to view the viz, and then click through the story points to learn how prostate cancer affects men of all ages.

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