Tableau Achieves Top Honors in TrustRadius Report

TrustRadius, a group that provides analyst perspective and customer reviews on the business intelligence industry, recently published its first “Buyer's Guide to Business Intelligence Software.”

They have a unique coverage approach that analyzes 532 reviews of BI software by authenticated end-users on Most of the reviewers are sourced independently from vendors so there's no cherry picking of customer reviews.

The analysis culminates in a 2x2TrustMap that shows the leading solutions by category. The two dimensions that solutions are evaluated against are: (1) the average "Likelihood to Recommend" rating which is a representation of overall satisfaction and (2) Product Evaluation Frequency which measures unique page views and is a good indication of companies with large installed bases and significant momentum.

Tableau was the top rated solution overall across all classes of BI tools. In addition for the Data Discovery and Visualization category, Tableau earned top honors and was the highest rated product. In particular, Tableau was ranked highest for: Likelihood to recommend, likelihood to renew, product usability, support rating, in-person training, online training, and data visualization.

The most frequent comment about Tableau was how "radically easy the product is to learn and use". And Tableau allows you to "connect to a wide variety of data sources at the click of a button and build attractive and useful visualizations." This combination of ease and functionality is what end users love about our product.

The most evaluated BI product on TrustRadius in Q3 by a fair margin was Tableau, almost double the next closest vendor.

We couldn't agree with our customers more. Thanks to everyone who submitted reviews. Check out the complete guide here. And be sure to check out our Desktop and Server reviews too.

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