In my day job, I’m the customer story writer for Tableau. That means I spend most of my time hearing from customers across the globe about how they use Tableau.

One of my favorite things to hear about is how a customer went from their first trial download to becoming an experienced Tableau jockey. Almost every single customer mentions “the Tableau community” as a key part of this journey.

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From the forums to Twitter to the Reddit /r/tableau subgroup—the Tableau community is absolutely filled with people ready, willing, and able to help other users. It’s something I got to see for myself this month as I read through dozens of thoughtful, insightful—and above all, helpful!—entries.

Getting Started

The Information Lab: The ‘Tableau Essentials’ blog channel
Gravy Anecdote: Data Visualisation and Process
The Information Lab: Index of “Show Me How” posts on the Tableau Show Me panel

Tips & Tricks

VizNinja: A handy list of resources for icons, shapes, and flags to enhance your vizzes
Tableau Tinkering: Tinkering with Filtering vs. Hiding

Beyond the Basics

Tableau Love: What’s new in maps in 8.2.4
Interworks Blog: Creating multi-state buttons in Tableau
Tableau Tinkering: Tinkering With Custom Percentile Bins
Gravy Anecdote: Tableau Design Month, Post 12 of 12: The Big Recap
Tableau Public: Pimp My Viz
Interworks Blog: Designing a Classic Timeline in Tableau
Tableau Tinkering: Tinkering with ‘ALL’ and ‘None’ in Titles

Use Cases

Lines, Tree Graphs, and Bar Charts, Oh My: Neighborhood Trick or Treat Analysis (Sweet Viz!)
Mario Talavera Writes: Using Threshold Analysis to Discover Emerging Crime Trends In Orlando
Interworks Blog: What League of Legends Tweets Can Tell Us about Market Opportunities
Datablick: How Far Can NY Taxi Data Take You?

Tableau Server

Tableau Love: Which EC2 instance type should I run Tableau Server on? Part two
The Information Lab: Exploring the Tableau Server database
Tableau Love: Dumping Tableau Server Permissions: The Story Can Now Be Told


Data + Science: Building a Dynamic Sankey Diagram made of Polygons in Tableau


VizWiz: Makeover Monday: The Facebook Election
WTF Visualizations: Obvious Chart is Obvious
Data Revelations: Tableau Software – The Greatest Support Community Ever? (Part One)


Wow! Kathleen thanks so much for the Tableau Tickering mentions. First time I've really made this 'Best of' list. You made my week! Cheers.

Thanks for this wonderful compilation!

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