VizWars: a data visualisation competition in SoCal

We love data visualisation competitions. Inspired by Facebook and Emily Kund's efforts, Mike Evans has created VizWars, a data visualisation event in Irvine, California, on February 11th. We recommend you go along and join him for VW1!

In his own words:

"You'll meet our expert judges from companies like Facebook and Mozilla, and attempt to triumph over some of the best data visualization - "Viz" - competitors SoCal has to offer. Viz Wars kicks off on February 11th, and you'll want to take part in the festivities. Join us for a night of fun and excitement - and some learning and development too!

This challenge is an open competition to find who the best data visualizers are among us and provide the opportunity for fun and prizes. You'll be provided with several data set options (posted here 48 hours prior to the competition) and you'll have 1 hour to build your best Viz in your software of choice.

Enrollment: Anyone is welcome, but you must RSVP and be physically present at the time of the competition.

Prizes: Swag, glory, and huge bragging rights"

Mike has a great line up of judges who will ensure only the highest quality wins:

Tableau is delighted to be sponsoring the event. We love to support events that encourage people to sharpen their skills, learn from others, and get involved in the community.

Sounds great: Take me to VizWars!

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