TravelSky Increases Speed of Insight with Tableau

"Every minute counts in the travel industry," says Joyce Yu, senior manager at TravelSky Technology Limited. The company, which collects and analyzes information about China's air travel industry for clients across the country, is no stranger to difficult time demands.

In this story, Yu explains how Tableau helped improve time efficiency by about 90 percent for TravelSky—while the company simultaneously improved service offerings to its clients.

An airplane
Delivering information to clients across China is now faster than ever for TravelSky Technology Limited.

“My team of nine analysts closely monitors the air travel industry in China,” Yu explains. Before she learned about Tableau, two of her team's specialists were spending about half of their time compiling and reporting data to clients. Now, the analytical process takes about two days.

With Tableau, TravelSky can also cater reports more specifically to different clients. Rather than delivering raw sets of data to clients of various needs, they now use Tableau Server to present interactive data sets to everyone from airport operators to airline administrators.

“Each client can look at the same set of data in a different way to get specific, or even new, information that they require,” says Yu. And all of that gets done in a shortened time frame with Tableau.

With help from Tableau, the team at TravelSky Technology Limited is delivering even better insights at a faster rate than ever before. Read the full story now!

Photo credit: "airplane" by Yuichi Kosio via Flickr.

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