#TCC13 Recap: Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks

One session we had at TCC13 was panel called Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks, where a series of Tableau employees and customers shared a few tips from their toolkit. There are lots of ways to use Tableau you may not have thought of, or cool tricks you can use to save time using some underlying features within Tableau. As promised, for those of you who want to try these tricks on your own, or if you weren't able to make the TCC session, here are all of the workbooks that each presenter used on stage to show off their tricks.

For example, did you know you could paste an entire list of items into the Custom Value List option of any filter?

Here are the others:

Craig Bloodworth (Tableau Zen Master, The Information Lab UK)
Hidden search boxes, dynamic dashboard titles

Ryan Sleeper (Iron Viz Winner, Evolytics)
Custom color palettes, Dashboard navigation buttons

Mike Klaczynski (Data Analyst, Tableau)
The Pages shelf, batch re-aliasing with data blending

Anya A'Hearn (Iron Viz Winner, DataBlick)
Pareto Chart alternatives, Custom font headers and shapes

Kelly Martin (Tableau Zen Master, VizCandy)
Tricks with reference lines

Michael Kovner (Technical Product Consultant, Tableau)
Map drill-downs, Scatterplot pies & data blending

Jewel Loree (Data Analyst, Tableau)
Custom filters with sheets, Dashboard hover tips

Ray Randall (Product Consultant, Tableau)
End user comments, URL actions to fill out web forms

Daniel Hom (Online Product Marketing, Tableau)
Hide but don't filter, Formatting tricks, Did you know you could copy/paste this?

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