Consumer Orbit at #TCC13

This is a guest post from Alteryx's Brian Dirking.
As the top sponsor at the upcoming Tableau Customer Conference, we are thrilled to be talking about how Alteryx and Tableau work together to help business analysts:

  • Get access to the data they need
  • Run it through powerful analytical processes
  • Create powerful visualizations from the results that are easy to share

As a testament to the fit between these products, three joint customers will be speaking at the Tableau conference – Redbox, Consumer Reports, and Consumer Orbit.

Bill Engel, Chairman of Consumer Orbit, will deliver a session titled “Consumer Orbit: Using Alteryx for Complex Data Blending and Analytics.” Consumer Orbit delivers business-ready, unified, and interactive Tableau-based dashboards to align the marketing departments of its clients. Each client typically has at least 10 different databases of information that need to be brought together to get a complete customer picture. To ensure that it doesn’t take months to build the specific datasets and analytics needed for each customer, Consumer Orbit uses Alteryx. With Alteryx, their team can select all of the customer’s data sources and then use Alteryx to do a number of things:

  • Blend the data - joining tables, identifying data fields that are labeled uniquely, even performing fuzzy matching when a customer may have a slightly different name or address in different systems
  • Modifying the data where necessary – turning text fields into numeric fields so they can be summed, for instance
  • Running analytics processes – while Alteryx offers predictive and spatial analytics in the form of drag and drop functions, customers like Consumer Orbit can create custom macros and use them in the analytics process

Consumer Orbit requires massive scalability. It stores and manages over 46 trillion pieces of information. With over 120,000,000 consumers profiled in the United States, the average is 65,000 points of information per consumer. To enable its clients, Consumer Orbit uses Alteryx to provide analytics for segmentation, opportunity identification, and marketing optimization.

Want to hear more? Come to the session at the Tableau Customer Conference next week!

Date & Time: Monday, September 9, 2013 - 11:00am - 12:00 PM
Location: Annapolis 1-2

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