Wordsmiths and BI Experts: Inspari Does It All

One thing you notice when you interview Inspari Managing Director Thomas Black-Petersen and Inspari Sales and Marketng Director, Jens Jacob Aarup: They have a way with colorful imagery.

For example, Black-Petersen on the switch from Excel to Tableau:

“It’s like having a very old mobile phone that no one can use and then getting something that is very easy to use that we can all do.”

"Hey, hey, hey—let’s not get hurtful here."

Clearly, Leadership at Inspari—a Danish BI consultancy and Tableau Partners—have a way with words. And they also have a way with business intelligence; Inspari is the fastest-growing BI company in Denmark, and they credit part of their phenomenal success to their partnership with Tableau.

In a recent video interview, Black-Petersen and Inspari Sales and Marketing Director, Jens Jacob Aarup, open up about partnering with Tableau and how it’s affecting their business. (Spoiler: It’s helping.)

They also share a bit about their plans to integrate new data sources and take advantage of big data.

Oh. And they describe Tableau as "Excel on speed." Like I said, they have a knack for colorful imagery.

Check it out for yourself:

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