IsCool thinks Tableau is hot

When your gaming company is named “IsCool” —you’ve set the bar pretty high for innovative, fun games. 2.8 million users agree that “IsCool” – well, is cool.

The Paris, France-based company has been growing quickly and needed to up its game on visual analytics in order to keep up with its growth explosion.

“Gaming data is growing exponentially and it’s moving in real-time,” explains Gaëlle Periat, digital analyst at IsCool.

IsCool had been relying on QlikView, but found that it couldn’t get reports quickly enough.

“Every time a director asked for a report, we needed to do some scripting which inevitably delayed the findings,” she says.

Today, IsCool is using Tableau to visualize its gaming data—to impressive results.

• Trimmed reporting timelines from weeks to minutes
• Enabled company to make timely offers to gamers
• Supported real-time decisions about game development
• Steered advertising programs for maximum impact
• Helped grow size and number of gaming communities

For more about how IsCool is blasting productivity barriers and driving improvements with Tableau, read the case study.

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