DataSift + Google BigQuery + Tableau

LeWeb'13 is Europe's leading yearly internet conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. This year Tableau has partnered with DataSift and Google to provide real-time social media analysis of the event.

Check out the official LeWeb social media page for live visualizations.

Whether you're attending the LeWeb'13 conference in person, streaming it live on YouTube, or tweeting about the speakers and startup competition, you are part of the live global social media conversation.

The trifecta of Datasift, Google BigQuery and Tableau work seamlessly together to show you audience reactions about LeWeb'13.

Datasift allows you to connect, combine and enrich conversations happening on social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. DataSift takes this data and mixes in listings of attendees, speakers and companies to create insights into audience engagement surrounding the event.

The collected and analyzed social data is then automatically pushed into Google BigQuery, a scalable platform for interactive analysis of massive data sets.

The final part of the trifecta is Tableau, and more specifically our native Google BigQuery connector. It allows us to connect directly to the live results in BigQuery and create interactive visualizations without writing a single line of code. We can then share them on Tableau Server for anyone around the world to access on the web and mobile.

Now it's your turn to take the reigns and gain insight from big data and the social web.
DataSift + Google Big Query + Tableau = real time social analytics and rapid fire insights

If you're interested in the LeWeb'13 conference check out their official YouTube channel including live streaming throughout the day.

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