Tableau 8 Tour: 75 cities, 3 months, 1 mission

Our worldwide Tableau 8 Tour has officially come to an end. After kicking off in Seattle on March 5th, our teams dispersed from Palo Alto to Philadelphia, Paris to Prague, and many locations in between to bring Tableau 8.0 to cities all over the globe.

This road show introduced a new format. We asked you to join us for a full day dedicated to learning more about Tableau's vision and our newest release with one goal in mind: to help you see and understand your data. Not only did we try a new format, we also ventured into uncharted territory (well, for us, at least!): Poland, Japan and South Africa, to name a few. And we were thrilled with the number of you that came.

One of my favorite things about the 8.0 Tour was the opportunity to meet and talk with customers in person after exchanging phone calls and emails for months beforehand. I can't begin to count the number of times I sat at the registration table and exclaimed, "You're (insert name here)?! I'm Morgan!"

Those moments were absolutely my favorite. Those moments were priceless.

In fact, the common consensus after each event was how truly awesome our customers are, and how much we all appreciate the opportunity to meet them in person.

"The road show gives us the opportunity to meet customers face to face, work through specific problems,and learn how we can more effectively partner with their organization," said Kyle Cummings, a Tableau sales manager. "Any chance we get to understand our customers better is incredibly valuable and these events facilitated that extremely well."

Throughout the course of the road show, more than 15,000 people registered to attend - thanks to everyone who joined us. We expanded to new locations, tried a brand new event layout, introduced our newest release and through it all, I'm happy to report, the Tableau 8 Tour was wildly successful. We heard from people at each location that the content was very useful in helping them see and understand Tableau 8.

Tableau debuts in Tokyo to a crowd of 140+

So with that, it’s a wrap. We are so grateful to all of you who took time out of your schedule to attend the events and sincerely hope you had as much fun as we did!

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