Do or Die, Down Under

Australian building services company, HomeRepair, needed to understand its performance quickly or risk losing its primary client. After implementing Tableau, HomeRepair got what it needed and much more.

“It was a do or die decision. If we were not performing, we wouldn't have a business.”
-David Wilson, Managing Director, HomeRepair.

When your primary client announces that it will be looking at performance measures to determine how much future work it will send your way—or indeed, if it will continue working with you at all—well, “do or die” isn’t an exaggeration.

Australian domestic repair service HomeRepair was pretty sure it was a strong performer. But “pretty sure” wasn’t good enough when its entire business was on the line.

Market competition had intensified. And its major client—the insurance company HomeRepair spent a decade building its business serving—was moving to a performance-based procurement method.

HomeRepair needed to quickly understand exactly how it was doing in terms of repair service timeliness and cost. And it needed that information fast.

So (and I’m guessing you predicted this part) they turned to Tableau.

HomeRepair went into this search hoping to find out how they were doing. What they got was a tool that helped them do more, faster, with fewer staff.

Jobs completed 6x faster.
Booking inspections 1.5 days more quickly.
All with 20% fewer staff.

And, oh yeah: The insurance company has increased the amount of work it is sending their way.

That’s a productivity renovation.

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