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Carl Allchin, customer Insights & innovation Analyst and Peter Gilks, Senior Insight Manager at Barclays bank explained how Tableau improved their traditional business intelligence and technology capabilities.

Tableau completely changed the way Barclays communicate data and share analytic. Over the years they became a team of explorers like we used to see in the original Star Trek series. They became experts in rapid fire analysis able to answer business questions faster than ever.

Carl and Peter admitted that a few years ago their analytics capabilities were very limited. They had many challenges to face within the organisation. The analysis they were able to provide took too long to produce and were hard to share.

They shared interesting examples of how they use Tableau to: address complaint volumes, improve the customer experience, monitor company performance, and deliver insight on subjects that were previously out of reach.

In this global organisation one of the biggest challenge they had to face was not only to find a compelling way to share information within the organisation itself but also with customers.

That’s where the data Ninjas start the show. They recognized that beyond analysis, the most important things when it come to data is the ability to share and help people understand it.

At Barclays Bank they made some interesting experiments which eventually paid off. One of them was that they used flat screens in local branches to show customer data. They also used data visualizations and dashboards to share in the organisation which enabled anyone to start a data-driven conversation.

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