Fanalytics: Feed Your Passion For Data at TCCEU

Admit it. When your work is done, you still play with data: top-selling singles, football stats, even Bitcoin.

There is help for you. We can’t fix your addiction to data, but we can help you channel it as well as connect with others who share your passion.

Your first step is to attend the Tableau Fanalytics Workshop at the 2013 Tableau Customer Conference in London on June 9, 2013. There will be a couple of great speakers:

Lee Mooney

Lee Mooney’s day job is at Barclays and specializes in data architecture and business intelligence. In his spare time, Lee is a keen sports ‘data journalist,’ and his grassroots soccer analytics and statistical analysis was recently included in a ‘Good Reads From 2012’ list. Here’s one of his recent visualizations of which on-ball events really contribute to wins. Lee will talk about how fanalysts are challenging football by using the 'right' data and Tableau Public.

John Burn-Murdoch

John Burn-Murdoch is a data journalist at the world-famous team of the The Guardian Datablog. He’s focused on stories from government budgets and unemployment to the Oscars. He’ll talk about how the world of journalism is changing in the age of data. See some of his stories here.

The workshop is free if you’re attending the Tableau Conference, and is also free for journalists. It's from 2 to 5 pm on June 10, right before the opening reception. Register here.

What’s your second step in treating your addiction? We’ll talk about that at the workshop.

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