Tableau is excited to bring our third annual European Tableau Customer Conference to London this June. The conference will be packed with great speakers, hands-on training and networking opportunities, but our customers consistently tell us some of their favorite sessions are the customer speaking sessions. This year will be no exception, as we have a fantastic line-up of Tableau customers who will present sessions on how their teams and their companies are leveraging the power of Tableau.

Read on to learn more about some of our great customer speakers. We'll be announcing the rest of the list next week in part 2.

Peter Gilks & Carl Allchin -- Barclays (UK, banking)

The Barclays journey with Tableau began in 2009 with two desktop personal licences, and today includes 100+ desktop users and a Tableau Server deployment. Peter & Carl will present the story of Tableau at Barclays, sharing real examples of how they use Tableau to address complaint volumes, improve the customer experience, and monitor company performance.

Simon Gatenby & Samantha Maloney -- Visa (UK, finance)

Visa Europe Targeted Marketing Solutions uses Tableau to create and share unique insight into the behaviours of cardholder groups for members and retailers. Simon & Samantha will share their approach, including how data visualisation plays a primary role in their work.

Nick Thistleton, CEO of Lucky Voice

Rob Doyle -- Unilever (UK, consumer goods)

Unilever uses Tableau to track hundreds of brands across thousands of stores, integrating with Teradata to to ensure the right products are in the right stores when consumers want to purchase. Rob will show how Tableau dashboards have been a crucial factor in Unilever's ability to win across so many markets.

Natalya Lyubimova & Petr Lubkovskiy -- YOTA (Russia, telecom)

In this session, analysts from Russia's telecom giant will discuss how they use Tableau to empower over 50 city-level managers with real-time technical and financial data from over 15,000 4G LTE sectors, creating a powerful, fast solution to a complex problem.

Nick Thistleton -- Lucky Voice (UK, retail)

Nick will share the story of how Tableau enabled his chain of karaoke bars to "punch above its weight" in sales and brand awareness by generating media interest and creating transparency around staff-level workplace performance.

Olivier Brousseau -- Schlumberger (France, energy & utilities)

Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services provider, and Olivier will show how they use Tableau dashboards to monitor and drive business performance across multiple departments, enabling self-service business intelligence for their teams.

Lee Mooney -- (UK, football analysis)

This year, we're proud to present a session focused on Tableau Public, featuring Lee Mooney, a football "fanalyst" from We'll be inviting journalists to join us in London for this special invite-only session on the evening of Monday, 10 June. To request an invite, email Morgan Wierleski at

If you're a Tableau customer interested in speaking at a customer conference, the Call for Speakers for our Washington D.C. conference in September is open through April 12.

Tickets for the London conference are still available. Book before 26 April for a discounted rate.

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Reports about the third annual European Tableau Customer Conference in the newsletters and emails of famous software companies, such as Tableau and IBMEmail have created lots of excitements in between the speakers, network developers and managers and even the customers of the software companies.

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