New in Tableau 8: Web & Mobile Authoring

In every Tableau release there is a combination of major and minor features. And then there are the breakthroughs: the new capabilities that have the potential to change the way we work.

Web and Mobile Authoring is Tableau 8’s most exciting breakthrough feature. It simulates the drag & drop environment of Tableau Desktop right in a browser or on a tablet. That means you can analyze data with a layer of depth that was not possible before without downloading software to a PC. And that means you can get analytics anywhere.

What’s different?

Until now, people have been able to filter, sort, highlight and inspect data on Tableau Server. With Web and Mobile Authoring you can do much more: change the view type, add Quick Table Calculations, add or remove fields, even use Show Me to suggest the best view.

Our beta users have loved it. Spend some time and check it out. We think you’ll love being able to answer more questions, wherever you are.

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